Video: HMB City Council considers not improving Hwy 1 at Terrace

By on Wed, April 11, 2007

Dana Kimsey

NOTE: This is from last Tuesday’s meeting, on April 3, of the city council. I was on vacation last week, so our process was slowed down a little

In a highly-charged meeting, the Half Moon Bay City Council approved a measure to decouple the proposed widening of Highway 1 and a traffic at Terrace Avenue from the proposed development of Pacific Ridge. The city will accept a letter of credit from developer Ailanto Properties that could be used for the light or any other purpose, rather than requiring Ailanto to pay specifically for the light.

Terrace Avenue residents may learn why it’s important to be careful what you wish for.

Terrace Avenue neighbors have long opposed the traffic light, which Ailanto was to fund. Now that the light is no longer required for Pacific Ridge to proceed, Terrace Avenue residents find themselves facing 63 more families using their street for access to Highway 1 without the mitigation of a light.

Meanwhile, proponents of building a bypass around the intersection of Highways 1 and 92 have re-emerged to say that reviving their moribund project is the solution for Pacific Ridge access. However, if Pacific Ridge is built as it is currently configured, the bypass may become impossible. This would leave Terrace Avenue residents with no light and no bypass.

It was a long discussion with plenty of emotional testimony from the floor as well as the dais.  We’ve divided it into two parts.