Video:  Meet the fire board candidates

By on Sun, October 7, 2007

Darin Boville
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Darin Boville
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Darin Boville
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Darin Boville has taped two of the seven candidates for the Half Moon Bay fire board and one of the two for Point Montara (now merged as the Coastside Fire Protection District). Candidates who have not yet agreed to be taped are still welcome to participate. Republished with permission from Montara Fog.

There’s a lot going on at these fire stations (not fires, but politics) but it is almost impossible to figure out. You may have questions: What’s that about a merger? Do firefighters really make $140,000 on average—and up to $200,000? Is the new contract a major disaster for the coast? Who is Calfire? Did firefighters really urinate on the Fire Captain’s bed, break his headlights, pour solvents on his car, and make death threats in a public meeting? Did the higher-ups really falsify documents? Are these just rumors? What the heck is going on?

If you are like me, almost totally confused, then you’ll need to watch these three videos. I invited all of the candidates for both Fire Boards (soon to be merged into one board anyway) to make a five-minute video to introduce themselves to the voters and to describe their views. Three of the candidates eventually agreed to participate.

It might seem complex at first but, after making these videos, the basic framework is starting to fall into place. I think.

I misspoke on the video in two places.  I have two corrections:

I said “... that is to reconstitute CalFire having its own employees.”.  I meant to say “... that is to reconstitute Coastside Fire having its own employees.”

I said, “...200 households.” in the video.  I meant to say, “...2000 households.”.

Under Darin Boville’s ground rules, that I agreed to, this was shot and edited by him and I did not have the opportunity to review it or edit it.  I want thank Darin for the opportunity to get my message out, his efforts to get other local political issues out to the community and his images of where we live.

Vince Williams
Moss Beach