Video: Some Sunny Day

Posted by on Thu, April 20, 2006

Darin Boville has made a video about life after the closure of Devil's Slide, or at least one aspect of it. All I'll tell you in advance is that it's sort of a music video.

Darin Boville
Click on the picture to see the video.

Oh, congratulations, Darin!  That was inspired.  I’m sending the link to absolutely everyone I’ve whined to about our situation here on the Coastside.  Someone should get a smile out of this.  Just wonderful!

Suggest everyone read the Lady from Moss Beach,s letter to the editor in Wednesday,s San Mateo Times. titled “In defense Of The Bypass”
She has it perfect, my thought,s & others she had the courage to write in defense of the bypass while the rest of us let the tunnel people run over us by making out like we wanted to concrete the Coast. [“Oh My God your against the Earth”] because we wanted a decent road not this “car in front of you on fire” dangerous tunnel.
Can’t believe the meddler from Woodside & other,s of her ilk didn’t stop the blasting on the slide cause it may disturb the sleep & sex life of the frog,s & snakes.

Sam Carrieri wrote
“Can’t believe [they] didn’t stop the blasting on the slide cause it may disturb the sleep & sex life of the frog,s & snakes.”

It’s good to hear concerns being raised about whether the Devil’s Slide work done by Caltrans is abiding by both state and federal law when it comes the the protection of threatened or endangered species.

Throughout the entire permitting process for the tunnel project, CalTrans has been a model for the identification and mitigation of impacts to environmentally sensitive habitat areas. So there is no doubt that similar care was taken with respect to the recent blasting operations.

As I get ready for Mondays 5:45am departure to get to work in SF on time at 7 (my new earlier shifted work hours) this video has brought a huge smile and chuckle - thanks!  I’ll be joining the chorus on my way home tomorrow night!