Video: Tsunami in Half Moon Bay

Posted by on Thu, March 17, 2011

Michael LaGuardia

Time-lapse photo of a dock at Princeton Harbor during a tsunami, shot over about 40 minutes from 12:00 on March 11, 2011. Waves had been affecting the harbor for about 4 hours. The white roller at the bottom of the post is about 4 inches high for scale.  A friend even had trouble running through the ebb at the harbor mouth at around 3:00.




Very cool time-lapse. A few technical questions: 

Where was the camera positioned? (on a boat mast?)
What camera/software did you use?


P.S. We were colleagues at Netscape / AOL many years ago! I was with the Calendar divlet.

Hi David!  I remember you, of course.

I was using my iPhone with Stop Motion Recorder (  It’s fun software.  I had it set to take one picture every 20 seconds (its maximum setting).  This was two videos that I stitched together.

I was down at my boat in the harbor to do some work.  I happened to have an F clamp that I used to hold the phone upright from on the dock itself.  I lightly clamped the phone and laid the clamp on the dock.