Videos: Candidates for CUSD, Harbor Commissioner, Supervisor

Posted by on Wed, October 6, 2010

In what is becoming an election season tradition, Darin Boville has released his videos of candidates for Coastside offices.

Darin’s videos are short statements to the voters by each candidate. They are the best way for Coastsiders who can’t attend a community forum or other meeting with a good opportunity to see each candidate.

San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner

Four candidates for two open seats:

Cabrillo Unified School District board member

Five candidates for three open seats:

County Supervisor, District 3

Two candidates for one open seat:


Thanks to Darin for all his hard work!

Thanks Barry and Darin; this is a great help for voters!

Go Giants!


Link to Smart Voter website:

I do not plan on voting for a harbor commissioner who will have taxpayers pay for their health insurance.  That is both an unusual practice and an enormous expense to taxpayers. Listen carefully to the video and you can see which candidates feel as I do.

Ginny McShane