Wavecrest calls off wetlands delineation, delaying its permit application

Posted by on Tue, April 12, 2005

Wavecrest Partners called off a scheduled wetlands delineation on their property the day before it was scheduled to take place last week. This is a necessary step in their application to have to have the US Army Corps of Engineers issue a permit for the project. According to Ed Wylie at the Corps, "The application is incomplete until we know what our jurisdiction is." The wetlands delineation will determine what portion of the land is in Corps jurisdiction.

The delineation has been rescheduled for May 18. A lot hangs on Wavecrest’s application before the Corps, which could shave years off the time it takes to get the project built. It’s less clear why this crucial step was delayed for yet another month, when the date of this delineation was set more than a month ago. 

Neither the city of Half Moon Bay nor Cabrillo Unified School District, both of whom are important stakeholders in the project, knew that the delineation had been cancelled. Half Moon Bay City Council member Mike Ferreira told me the city was unaware that the delineation had been called off. CUSD board president Dwight Wilson had also not been informed. He’s expecting an update from Wavecrest later this week.

Wavecrest Partners did not return my call for comment.

I’m not familiar with the process the Army Corps uses to delineate wetlands, but it seems likely that it includes, among other things, some measure of wetness. Could it be that this season’s late rains might lead the Corp to delineate more wetlands than the Partners might like?  Certainly seems likely that it will be drier in five weeks than it is now.

I think you’re right on.  I was walking out there last weekend and—surprise, surprise—the whole place is full of standing water.  This wasn’t an abnormally high rainfall year either (according to the National Weather Service, the bay area has received from 123% - 135% of normal rainfall, as compared to 249% for LA—http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mtr/getAFDversion.php?sid=SFO&pil=CLI&version=0)
<br><br>There are wetlands out there.  Wavecrest knows this.  It’s why they tried to drain them in the first place.  It’s why they’ve dragged their feet on the delineation for something like 7 years now looking for ways around it.

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Wed, April 13, 2005 10:36pm
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Take some pictures 15 days after the most recent rain.  The Corps might find those to be helpful.