Welcome (back) to the new Coastsider


By on Fri, December 7, 2007

NOTE: Many of you may not have seen this already. We showed this new design briefly last weekend before our technical problems. We’re relaunching it tonight.

We’ve been working on this redesign for a while and dreaming about it for a lot longer than that.

Things came together a couple of weeks ago after a meeting with about thirty Coastsider readers at the Point Montara Lighthouse. We received a ton of excellent suggestions that motivated us to finally change the structure of Coastsider to make it easier to implement future improvements.

We think the new design is much better looking, a lot more contemporary, and much more consistent from page to page. But the most important improvement is that the new design is much more flexible. We’re now using a grid that allows us to add new features and elements without undermining the basic design.  You may notice that two features are missing right now. Coastsider’s Gallery and Classifieds are now closed for renovation. We will return them to the site as soon as we can.

We hope you like it. Feel free to add your questions and comments on the new design to this story. We’ll try to follow up on all the suggestions we receive.

Barry Parr
Editor & Publisher