We’re no longer pre-screening comments from trusted members

Big change

Posted by on Thu, July 12, 2007

Beginning now, comments from trusted members will be released as soon as they are posted.  We will no longer screen them before we publish them. Anyone who has posting access to Town Hall (about 150 users) is already a trusted member. If you go into any Town Hall forum and see a "New Topic" button, you’re already a trusted member. It’s easy get your account upgraded to trusted status.

1. Set your screen name on your account to your real name. You can do this by clicking on "Edit your profile" in the top of the left-side navigation bar.

2. Send an email to Barry Parr asking to be upgraded. Use the link under "Coastsider" in the left-hand navigation bar.

We still review all comments on Coastsider to make sure they’re civil, not offensive, and on-topic.  If you haven’t gotten your account upgraded, you can still post, but we will review your comments before we release them.

The Coastsider is a wonderful forum for the community in this part of the coast to convene.  Thank you Barry and Cheryl Parr!