Letter: Who killed Gaylord?

Letter to the editor

By on Fri, November 3, 2006


At 1:45am, during the dark early morning hours of October 31st, seven successive gun shots rang out to which ultimately lead to the cold blooded killing of a 300lb male ostrich named Gaylord.  Gaylord was one of three ostriches, one male and two females, which I have been taking care of for approximately a year.  Their owner had fallen ill and I volunteered to take on his ostriches.  On this morning, one or more suspects gained entry into the locked fence and trespassed into the pasture where the ostrich were sleeping.  The suspect(s) were armed with two separate guns.  At some point, Gaylord and the intruder(s) crossed paths.  Four thirty caliber rifle rounds and three twelve gauge shot gun cartridges where unloaded from eight feet away into the helpless bird. 

Gaylord was dead surrounded by shell casings.  The gunshots were heard by a neighbor, but the true horror of the situation was not realized until the next morning when Gaylord’s badly damaged body was discovered laying a few yards from the locked fence.  The person/s who committed this heartless crime must be brought to justice.  Gaylord was a real character, loaded with personality and vigor.  He will be greatly missed.  If you have any information in regards to the murder of Gaylord the ostrich please contact:

Karen Schmidt (Rainbowstreamers/at/comcast/dot/net) at 650-346-4819 or call the San Mateo Country Sheriff’s department at 650-363-4911.  A reward of over $1,000 is being offered for information that leads to the arrest/s of Gaylord’s violent killing.

The aftermath of Gaylord’s killing can be viewed by clicking the links on the next page.  Warning: These pictures are graphic.