Kite surfer killed at Poplar Beach

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Posted by on Sun, March 8, 2009

A kite surfer was killed in the surf off Poplar Beach at about 2pm Sunday afternoon.

According to the Coast Guard, all the victim’s equipment was found on the beach. They believe he may have gone back into the water to wash off and was caught in a riptide, but this was unconfirmed.

The thing I noticed to this story, as reported by the Merc, is that a bystander phoned in to 911 after noticing this victim’s body floating in the water.  Assumption made by me here, is that the victim’s cries for help were carried away by the wind, the recreationists out and about in yesterday’s chilly sunshine were naturally not paying attention, so the victim thrashed about until exhausted and drowned.

A girlfriend on the shore or a fellow kite surfer would have kept their eyes on him, noticed his flailing, and phoned in much quicker!

Ugh, the agony of this story.  The many sirens sent to Poplar were very upsetting yesterday.  All emergency crews showed up to help.  I wish the news was the opposite outcome. 

If you’re planning on going into the water, please bring a buddy to watch each other.  =\