Video: Preparing for Thursday’s trails planning charrette

Posted by on Tue, June 23, 2009

Darin Boville for Montara Fog
Darin Boville has produced a video to introduce the process. Click to see it on Montara Fog.

Dan Burden (along with other experts) is coming to the Coast, to help us plan bike paths, safe highway crossings, and make our community more pedestrian friendly.

Burden is an internationally recognized planner and was cited by Time Magazine as one of the nation’s top innovators.

This first phase focuses on Miramar to the Airport, which includes one of the most problematic areas, Surfers Beach. The project is sponsored by San Mateo County and is headed up by Dave Holland, the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Everyone has an opinion—make sure yours is heard—starting June 25th (this Thursday) 7-9 PM at El Granada Elementary School.

Reprinted with permission from Montara Fog.

Well, good luck with this round. We have been through this community participation thing on the subject of walking routes and trails in and between our communities a numkber of times before, including parts of two different county-led studies of local community desires on parks and recreation; several presentations by midcoast locals to the county trails committee to get coastside trails, especially for the midcoast, in the county trails plan; and a multi-year effort at the MCC’s Parks and Rec Committee, when there was such an active committee, to define the California Coastal Trail route and character through our area in detail.

For the entire area, we have come up with systems of north-south main trails with interconnecting trails and feeder routes in the developed areas. We have laid out a local segment of the California Coastal Trail, the state-official lateral access to California’s entire coastline, that took into account visits to our best natural features, access to facilities and commercial districts for trail walkers, private property, existing walking routes that could be incorporated, minimal physical disruption to the trail route, etc.

Guess the county didn’t like any of that. They certainly blew it all off as non-existent when it came to building a road through Mirada Surf West and calling it a trail. And they also pretended none of it existed when they formed their own Redwood-City-instigated, urban-oriented parks and rec committee for our area a couple of years ago.

So we get to pretend trails and walkways are a fresh challenge and will take an outside expert to get us oriented. What kind of food and drinks will they be serving?

So you’ll be there Carl?  :)