Coastside election results 2009, GSD still too close to call

Posted by on Tue, November 3, 2009

These results are not yet complete. They do not include uncounted absentee, provisional, and precinct paper ballots voted on Tuesday, and potentially other mail ballots received at Elections prior to 8 p.m. Tuesday but not yet processed. However, outside the Granada Sanitary District election, there was little in last night’s returns to suggest that the standings will change significantly after these votes are counted.

In the Granada Sanitary District, the margin of victory is one vote and the votes for write-in candidate Charlie Hall have not been counted.

Hmb City Council

Votes Pct
Naomi Patridge 1,151 18.4%
Allan Alifano 974 15.6%
Rick Kowalczyk 854 13.7%
Deborah Ruddock 784 12.5%
Dan Handler 775 12.4%
Sofia M. Freer 729 11.7%
George Muteff 665 10.6%
Charles T. Hoelzel 320 5.1%

Granada Sanitary District

Ric Lohman 598 25.5%
Gael Erickson 515 22.0%
Leonard Woren 443 18.9%
Lisa Mccaffrey 442 18.9%
Bill Griffis 345 14.7%

Coastside County Water District

Chris R. Mickelsen 1,881 38.0%
Jerry Donovan 1,686 34.1%
James D. Johnson 1,382 27.9%

Coastside Fire Protection District

Gary Riddell 1,822 18.6%
Gary Burke 1,722 17.6%
Ginny McShane 1,679 17.2%
David Eufusia 1,581 16.2%
Jeffrey B. Cockrell 1,493 15.3%
Max De Vos 1,239 12.7%
Charles Netherby 249 2.5%

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Comment 1
Wed, November 4, 2009 4:54am
Jo Laster
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Where I worked we had 60+ absentee ballots handed in and 10+ provisionals (those we are not sure whether they will count or not).  When I see these results I think that they could change depending upon the above ballots being counted as valid.

In addition to the uncounted ballots mentioned by Jo Laster, there are also the precinct paper ballots voted on Tuesday (but not tallied; I miss the Eagles!) and potentially other mail ballots received at Elections prior to 8 p.m. Tuesday but not yet processed.

Also, specifically for the Granada Sanitary District election, no write-in results at all have been reported, so where Charlie Hall might place among the 5 candidates appearing on the ballot is anyone’s guess.

Comment 3
Wed, November 4, 2009 3:49pm
Carl May
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Not only is the tallying of different kinds of votes going slowly, much slower last night for the precinct votes of yesterday throughout the county, but voting itself is an insanely slow matter on the electronic machines. I stood there for minutes twirling the dial and pressing “enter” to vote for exactly one person for the fire district. I could have finished at least half, and maybe all, of a long ballot from the prior hand-marking, machine-reading days in that time.

Comment 4
Wed, November 4, 2009 8:11pm
Scott Boyd
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I asked for and voted a paper ballot.  Almost anticlimactic, yet quite gratifying.