Coastal commision unanimously rejects county’s proposed LCP Update

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Posted by on Thu, December 10, 2009

The California Coastal Commission has unanimously rejected the county’s proposed update to its Local Coastal Program for the unincorporated Midcoast, as recommended by its staff.

We’ll post more details later, but this means that the ball is back in the court of Board of Supervisors.

The link below is for the Deputy Director’s report for the North Central Coast District.

Deputy Director’s Report, 12-10-2009

On page 2 you can seee a list of all the peoople who faxed in comment letters, and then the actual letters are attached to the end of the report.

Many thanks to those who sent in letters supporting the Costal Commmission staff recommendations which seem to have prevailed.

Let’s hope the Board of Supervisors does the right thing and accepts the modifications.

What the Commission did is the normal procedure:  they cannot themselves make changes in a submitted LCP amendment, so what they do is first move to approve it as submitted, recommending a “no” vote.  Then when that motion fails, they make another motion to approve with modifications, generally as recommended by their staff.  If that passes, they are essentially “pre-approving” the modified version if the submitting agency agrees to accept the modifications.  The Board now needs to agendize and hopefully approve the modifications in order for the update to take effect.

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Fri, December 11, 2009 8:23am
Kevin Barron
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Shocker… (sarcasm) that the CCC recommended a NO vote. Anything less would of been as hypocritical as Al Gore not flying commercial in coach.

I noticed in the Dep Dir’s Report a letter from a resident of ~50 years, whom 10+ years ago followed the appropriate protocol via permits and such to build, and frankly will be left only to sue if the LCP moves forward. I’m curious if there’s “nothing to see here”, or if once again, no-growthers and NIMBYism is setting legal ‘trip wires’ for themselves to stumble into once again. Lack of a better analogy, I see an effort in doing your best to remove the “chicken” of allowable infrastructure, so as to prevent the “egg” of coastal growth & progress.