CUSD superintendent Bayless is a finalist for a job in Massachusetts

Posted by on Thu, February 3, 2005

John Bayless,  superintendent of schools in Cabrillo Unified School District, is interviewing today for a job as superintendent for Public Schools in Somerville, Massachusetts, according to the Somerville Journal. He’s one of five finalists for the position, which pays $160,000 per year.

"He interviews quite often, but if he’s interviewing today I’m not aware of it," said CUSD president Dwight Wilson, President of the CUSD board. "When it’s serious,  I usually get a request for a letter of reference." He also mentioned in passing the fact that Bayless almost took a position at the San Mateo County Office of Education in 2002.

I called Dr. Bayless at the CUSD office, but he’s out for the remainder of the week. If he’s staying the weekend, I recommend that he have dinner at the Elephant Walk restaurant in Cambridge.

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Thu, February 3, 2005 2:40pm
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No real surprise.  In 2002, the press release went out that he had accepted a position with the county department of education.

What do you figure he was offered in exchange for staying with CUSD?  The Review reported that he had changed his mind, but made no mention of compensation changes.

And while we’re on it, what was the real story with the $50,000 or so that he says he ponied up to put a measure on the ballot?

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Sat, February 5, 2005 8:20pm
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Yes, in my experience, this happens when Dr. Bayless decides he’d like CUSD to raise his salary.  It was helpful that the “rumor” mentioned a dollar figure.  Guess our very financially strapped district will have to pony up more that $160,000 per year in Bayless’ upcoming contract, huh?

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Sat, February 19, 2005 11:14am
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anyone ever looked at a Bayless contract?  How many revisions have there been?