I am recommending the online Khan Academy to math students


Posted by on Thu, July 28, 2011

The Khan Academy Website supplies a free online collection of more than 2400 micro lectures via video tutorials stored on you tube.  It teaches math steps in all math areas.  There are also lessons teaching History, Science, and Computer Science.

Salmon Kahn created this teaching approach and aid in 2006.  He is a MIT and Harvard educated Mathematician and Computer Engineer. Please visit Wikipedia for more background and wide use of the Academy. He has been a presenter at TED, and a guest on PBS, NPR, CNN, and many other venues. As a lifetime Math educator, I visit the site often to review a Calculus formula, a Geometry therom, and to get ideas on presenting math lessons to my Algebra students.

Ginny McShane

Sorry I meant theorem, not therom. I was out late last night at the fire board meeting. GMcS

A question and a further suggestion.

One observation about Kahn Academy is it enables kids to do their learning new material by lecture at night and it enables them to use class time for doing problems together. The Khan Academy type of study lends itself to a kind of reversal of the learning structure.

As a teacher, does this sound plausible? You and your students will spend more time in class doing problems? And, do you think the Khan videos will help the kids who are struggling?


I would like to tell you about the sage.org open source mathematics computation and graphing system.

Basically, Sage is a great big challenge to do something with the most interesting math you have heard about since you graduated from college or high school.

Sage is an open source free software computation package that is intended to supplant Mathematica and other very expensive computing systems.

I discovered it while looking for a program to do some amateur radio satellite calculations.

After installing sage, I copied a 1 line example from the Sage.org website that computes the first five million digits of Pi.

Well I don’t quite know what to do with that… yet…

But I was able to compute how much water to put in my rice cooker when I wanted to use 2 scoops of rice instead of 1.5. Basically you declare “x” a variable and then type “solve(1.5/2 = 3/x)”

Thank-you Lee!  I will look into Sage.org. Also,
The Khan Academy is being tested for its efficacy. I think math tutors and teachers can use the Academy in conjunction with traditional classroom instruction.

Ginny McShane

I know that Khan Academy’s is the hot new thing right now, so it’s good to hear a second opinion.

BTW, Sage (which looks pretty cool) is located at http://sagemath.org/

Sage.org is something else.