Comments by John Armstrong

Comcast screwups list

October 12, 2010
We had a lot of confusion here as well. We use Limited Basic (we only need the cable modem but if you turn off Limited Basic they actually INCREASE your internet access rates. Keeps their subscriber numbers up) and the comcast rep @ newleaf said "No problem, nothing changes!" Well after lots of confusion, hours on the phone and many different stories from comcast we finally were told A) Limited Basic doesn't get digital. We don't need these little DTA's. Of course, they were working BEFORE Sept 30th…

Video:  Kenmark presents three projects to HMB City Council

October 10, 2006
Maybe they will fix Redondo Beach Road first. Any plans for that? John-

Coastsider videos are now available for Windows Media Player

September 04, 2006
MPEG and DiVX are far from universal. All that a Flash interface gives is 100% access to the information. I am not saying 'one format to own them all' but I think that there should be a variety of options and in-page Flash based systems are easy to use for -everyone-, lend themselves to nice design and generally work really well. DiVx requires downloads, codec installs and player configuration at times. It also can cripple other subsytems if you install the wrong codec pack etc etc. I love 'Open…

Coastsider videos are now available for Windows Media Player

September 04, 2006
Rather then WMV format something like or other flash 8 based player might be really nice. No external codecs or tools required and the videos can be embedded in page which is a great touch. Great work guys! John-

Who has the best cell phone coverage on the Coastside?

January 24, 2006
I was sprint up until a few months ago and it was great on most of the coast but, as noted, a bit spotty in Ocean Colony. Now I'm on my BlackBerry with Cingular and the reception is spot on perfect. All carriers have a few dead spots coming over the 92, particularly at the mortuary. I've noticed that Cingular also spots out a bit right after the reservoir and on the 92 passing Hillsdale (not really the Coastside but most of us drive this route). So, for my money, Cingular is better for me but Sprint…

Letter: Peak Oil is here. What does this mean for the Coastside?

January 07, 2006
On Transition from Orgy/Globalization and Imported energy etc These are GOOD transitions for us, they will allow new technologies to mature much more rapidly now that they are profitable. The market can work when it is allowed to and the true costs of our energy production is passed on to us. On Treaties : Kyoto was ridiculous and never sustainable. It ignored up and coming 3rd world polluters and only focused on the western industrialized economies that are already under assault from cheap production…

Letter: Peak Oil is here. What does this mean for the Coastside?

January 06, 2006
'None of these problems exist in his mind' I don't think thats a true statement, I pretty much think the man is incompetent but one thing his staff understands is that treaties and agreements that cover multiple nations only HURT ours since we are the only ones that are impacted by them. Much better to go one to one with nations and create agreements that work for both parties rather then just serving to make the US even LESS competitive. Environmentalists take this as 'he doesnt care' but another…

Album: Half Moon Bay Wine Walk

September 26, 2004
We also had a blast. It was amazing how, even as new residents (1 year ago last week) we were running into friends at the Wine Walk that we had only met in the last year. We even made a few new friends while we were there! It was really an experience that felt unique to this place. Thanks to everyone for making this happen, we are already excited for next year! Thanks also to all the local vendors who participated by providing food or opening their art galleries and businesses to all the wine carrying…