Comments by Geoffrey Davis

Supervisors unmoved by LCP pleas from Coastsiders

December 15, 2005
Though the public testimony phase has ended it is my understanding that letters can still be sent to the Board of Supervisors. These letters will be part of the public record presented to the California Coastal Commission and may very well have a deeper impact than oral testimonies given at the BoS meetings. If you have not written a letter you can still do so. If you have already written a letter, and want to respond/comment on the recent meetings you can do so. You can email your letter to all…

Coastal Commission staff spanks Midcoast LCP update

December 08, 2005
Carl -- I'm new to all this, so my first question is why aren't those people at the LCP party? I'm unclear how a disengagement strategy will accomplish anything. Please advise...

Supervisors’  vision for the Midcoast: double the number of houses (and cars)

November 30, 2005
Letting the Board of Supervisors know your opinion is THE most important thing you can do. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The Board knows this and will continually test the resolve of Midcoast residents. We have to respond each time or risk abdicating any influence we have on the future of our community. Democracy means participation. Attending the meeting is best, and speaking is better. If you cannot make the meeting, writing a letter is also very effective. For meeting information, Talking…

Anonymous benefactor is funding CUSD parcel tax survey

September 23, 2005
Saying that our kids 'deserve' a new school is tantamount to ordering 'fresh' wine at dinner.

Half Moon Bay whale is still dead

August 28, 2005
But what about Francisco Franco?

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

July 21, 2005
Point taken GC. I took Barb's photographic documentation in conjunction with Mr. Lajoie's letter as a good and legitimate effort collecting the evidence necessary to take the fight upstairs for the next battle. We both agree that the construction worker saw it differently and, according to Barb's account, acted illegaly. But I'm not sure what it is we're supposed to get over. I guess we part ways in the conclusion. I think it's good to document where you can to show the environmental costs of development.…

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

July 18, 2005
Construction workers could harass hikers on protected lands, but they'd have to get off their dirtbikes and ATVs to do it. I'd be happy to see see this but I'm betting it's not likely. I'd be equally happy to dispose of words like "perennial" and "ephemeral" as it would make it that much easier to equate a "runoff ditch" with a (protected) creek. After all they serve the same function no? Bottom line is Barbara was well within her rights and the law to document the place and event. It was not lawful…

Supervisors tweak principles, and send LCP changes back to subcommittee

June 10, 2005
In reply to mal.comX: That being the case have people on the midcoast considered incorporating? Seems like we're always driving hat-in-hand to Redwood City and fighting tooth and nail for a modicum of self determination; one that I think will be further compromised as the tunnel makes access to the midcoast easier. I'd be curious to know what people think the pros and cons are of incorporation. I'm sure HMB can provide many clues, and admitedly I'm not as up-to-date on our neighbor's current affairs.…

Supervisors tweak principles, and send LCP changes back to subcommittee

June 09, 2005
Folks should consider that the principles mandate that water and sewere services meet the development plan and not the reverse. This almost undoubtedly means that ratepayers will be subsidizing development, large or small, here in the midcoast. If you think water is expensive now... wait until the bypass is turned over to developers and the board increases the number of building permits. Why does this seem less like a Local Coastal Protection plan and more like a Development Enabler scheme?

Have you seen “Coastal Clash” yet?

May 12, 2005
An amazing documentary. One of the most interesting points was that beaches, owned by the public, are effectively erosion. Homeowners building seawalls to protect their property fairly well eliminate, not just deny access to, the public space; a more insiduous form of overgrazing the common green. On the other hand I can sympathize with a person wanting to save their home. I'd be interested to know what kind of disclosures homebuyers are presented when they look at homes on ocean bluffs, and what,…

Supervisors’ vision of the Midcoast is a work in progress

April 26, 2005
The alternative sounds correct. I really can't see a justification for having ratepayers pick up these capacity fees which will likely go hand in hand with higher rates in general as more housing increases demand relative to supply. This begs a further question: given the water supply what are the housing growth targets based on?

Supervisors’ vision of the Midcoast is a work in progress

April 26, 2005
"...our local agencies will be called upon to produce enough water to serve the growth planned by the county. As Supervisor Mark Church put it, "Special districts and agencies should accommodate growth." Finding more water in our system is not going to be easy or cheap. This in effect is asking the ratepayers to subsidize development. Am I reading this correctly?!

CUSD candidates’ forum: Charles Gardner

October 20, 2004
Dear Mr. Gardner, Fighting the fight and seeing the job through is an issue. It's a character issue, as important to a voter as plans and ideas. Don't be fooled by the post name. I voted for you for MCC and am further surprised and disappointed to hear you resigned at the behest of others who approached you. Politics as usual. Your responsibility was to your constituency, not to these unnamed others. And since 'they' seem to have convinced you to run for two different offices, I guess I should have…

CUSD candidates’ forum: Charles Gardner

October 15, 2004
Dear Mr. Gardner, You did not fulfill your commitment as a member of the Midcoast Community Council. As a voter this worries me. Please explain your reasons for resigning your seat on the MCC and how we can be sure that, if elected, you will fulfill your commitment on CUSD and not jump at the next political opportunity.