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Darin’s Monday Photo: Bluffs and Ocean

July 18, 2007
Nice shapes and textures. :)

Photo: Raman says goodbye

July 13, 2007
That's sad. I will miss the beautiful chai.

Video: Documentary captures Coastside in 1980

July 12, 2007
Hey June! I have a question for you - I was visiting your website looking for info and couldn't find a write-up. I'll email you...

Video: Darin Boville re-imagines Wednesday’s fireworks

July 08, 2007
Oh man! That was fantabulous! Exactly how I've always wished fireworks would kick in more-oomph! at to end the display. Thanks for including the audio too.

Video: Documentary captures Coastside in 1980

July 06, 2007
No Flaming Reindeer! Oh my god what a treat is that documentary!?! Oh! I love the internets! :) Now, admittedly, here I am on the other side of the hill, but having grown up all-along the California coast, my heart is over the hill on the coast, and I love witnessing all matters concerning the coast. This documentary is superb! I love the coverage of the Costanoans (Ohlone, we say nowadays), and Malcolm looks terrific (geez, has it really been almost thirty years!?), and the man describing the "autonomous…

Darin’s Monday Photo: Hawk and Raven

May 28, 2007
Get out! How'd you find such a serendipitous avian appearance?

Kenny Howell: Messing Around In Boats

May 24, 2007
That was fun! Next time do we get to learn the pop-up, or whatever the technical term is for right-siding without popping out of the spray skirt? :) I want to see hidden coves too. I either decide to wait for more of your clips, or get out on my own. :) Thanks for the video!

KQED reports on Devil’s Slide

April 03, 2007
y'know...Devil's Slide reporters will be as prevalent over these next three years of visible construction on Highway 1, as are the Halloween visitors on Highway 92 every October.

Missing man last seen in Big Sur

March 24, 2007
OMG! This is everywhere, now here! I just returned from a whirlwind Big Sur trip. Fliers canvassing this guy's disappearance line Highway One. I was wondering the details, so in a strange way, thanks for posting this here. Sending powerful thoughts that they find out what is going on. I was down there solo myself and got really creeped out!

Video Column: Messing Around In Boats

March 20, 2007
That was so much fun! Relief from work via Coastsider - Thank you! :)

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 14, 2007
Okay, I'm going to say it, and I'm not trying to be controversial here: the problem is that there have been many shops going in that locals are not interested shopping at, nor could they afford the fashionable clothing or craftsy home interior products for sale. Then, the type of tourists who visit HMB are not looking to buy the type of clothing, nor the collectibles for their home, from these shops. They wander after eating, they enjoy strolling Main Street, but are they really there to buy stuff…

Hwy 1 one-way-only until about 6:30pm

March 04, 2007
After Carl posted where this slide occurred, and that it has nothing to do with the actual Devil's Slide area, I had to drive over to see exactly for myself. :) Now I get it. This is the area that my geology professor took us to analyze a couple of years ago. This lump of earth is a pile of centuries of landslides and streambeds that have been tilted and exposed by the faults' activity. The area's doing its thing, that it's been doing for the ages, and then we complain of its effects on the road…

Hwy 1 one-way-only until about 6:30pm

March 01, 2007
Man, I don't know if the current Devil's Slide Highway One can last until the tunnel is complete! This is going to be interesting to watch. I hope no one gets hurt during this time.

Video: Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo

February 14, 2007
Oh man, see, this is why I enjoy Coastsider so much. Why oh why do I have to live/work on the other side of the hill? Thank you for the vicarious living. :)

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 02, 2007
How about if a pedestrian bridge is built to aid foot traffic between Burger King and Popeyes over Highway One? Now there's an idea! =] (Sorry if my silliness isn't appreciated.)

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

January 23, 2007
That is just about the saddest story I've ever heard! I love Peet's and read this not as a Peet's story, - it's a landlord making assumptions and not communicating story. I hope things work out for Mr. Bechar. :(

Darin’s Monday Photo: Bat star at Fitzgerald Marine Preserve, Moss Beach

January 08, 2007
Lovely! Just what I need to see, stuck inside an office in San Carlos this sunny warm winter day. :) Anneliese Agren

Opinion: James brings Christmas to Half Moon Bay

December 27, 2006
Oh that's just beautiful. I've got tears. True spirit of the holiday. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! :)

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