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Comcast screwups list

October 08, 2010
It never occurred to me that the nitwits would have updated 94019 but not 94018. But considering that Comcast thought that their El Granada office was in HMB, I guess I shouldn't be surprised... OTOH, it seems that 94018 has now been silently updated.

Comcast screwups list

October 06, 2010
The problem is that the previous channel lineup had nothing on channel 27, so the channel lineup that comcast provides which TiVo picks up and distributes to their DVRs didn't include it, and TiVo is a closed system like the intro to the Outer Limits -- they control your set. There is no way to convince the TiVo to tune to a channel that's not in the lineup which it thinks you have. I forgot something in my original post: Switching my TV from the TiVo directly to the cable still didn't show me channel…

Video: Caltrans punches-through on Devil’s Slide tunnel

October 03, 2010
Regarding the music, the Caltrans Public Information person saw the comments here and emailed the following to me: I saw a few people on the Coastsider site discussing the music I chose for the event. You're right, "The Great Escape" theme was one of them. The other two selections were from the movie "Dave," starring Kevin Kline. BTW, one of the speakers at the start was to play a recording of "Break On Through (To the Other Side)" but there there was equipment failure.

Video: Caltrans punches-through on Devil’s Slide tunnel

October 01, 2010
I've got about an hour and half of video if someone wants to get it from me on a DVD and do whatever processing is required to put it online somewhere. Then everyone can listen to all the speechifying, some of which was actually good. You can also watch (well, listen to!) the whole boring 10-15 minutes of grinding noises before they poked through. BTW, the drywall remark may be funny, but I figure it had to be shotcrete. What was the background music? (Which you can't really hear in this clip.) It…

Please support fireworks on the Coastside in 2011

July 24, 2010
The cost would be substantially less if the ridiculous closing of SR 1 is discontinued. It causes a traffic disaster in El Granada. No incorporated city would put up with this in a residential area. (Not to mention that I can't park near my friend's house to watch fireworks from the deck.) Would people in Montara put up with a closing of SR 1 and routing of all traffic onto Main St or Farallone? I don't think so. So why do we have to put up with it in El Granada? One year I watched as EMTs got stuck…

County releases Phase III of Midcoast Groundwater Study

June 17, 2010
Who, me, a cynic? I trust you have proof. Seriously though, the fundamental issue in the groundwater evaluation is the one that was not addressed and that the County doesn't want addressed. Who cares if there's enough water now? So what if water levels in the aquifer are basically stable now? What the community needs to know and deserves to know is what the water levels are likely to be in a future with double or triple the number of wells as currently exist. Here's an easy to understand analogy.…

County releases Phase III of Midcoast Groundwater Study

June 11, 2010
We had to wait years for a report with vague non-committal conclusions and a recommendation of "more monitoring is needed"? I guess the County had a hard time locating a consultant who wouldn't write a report that says "Immediately STOP allowing all these private wells." The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. - George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

NO on 16! do you know what you are voting for?

May 29, 2010
I'm generally not exactly a supporter of government, and I despise monopolies. That said, there are certain things that people seem to think should be monopolies, such as utilities. (I don't agree, but that's a different discussion topic.) Once one accepts the premise that utilities need to be monopolies, then my position is that it must be a government function. In my 4 decades of living in Southern California, much of that time in various locations in the City of Los Angeles which has its own Department…

Open letter to Planning Director Jim Eggemeyer: We’re losing patience with your secrecy on Big Wave

April 29, 2010
CEQA basically allows an applicant to prepare the DEIR. However, CEQA does not allow an applicant to prepare the responses to comments unless it's done as an updated DEIR which then requires recirculation as a Revised DEIR. Byers doesn't actually address this point, although it doesn't matter since any law that we cite will be claimed by Byers to not apply, be an incorrect interpretation, whatever. My dad liked to say "When you ask a lawyer 'how much is 2+2?', the lawyer responds 'how much do you…

Coastsider adds current traffic conditions

April 29, 2010
Oh goodie... yet another feature to make slower. Sometimes it takes slightly less than forever to load due to all the other sites being accessed, every one of which has to respond or time out before the page is usable. Can we get a graph of how much of the page load wait time is due to each of the referenced web sites?

MCC holding Supervisor candidate forum, Wednesday

April 29, 2010 indicates that it will be shown tonight and tomorrow night at 7 pm. Should I open a betting pool on whether it will actually run and be watchable? This forum is worth watching. There are a number of viable candidates. My clear choice, no surprise, would be April Vargas due to her sensitivity to Coastal issues. And my take-away from the forum is that of the 5 candidates, April has the best overall knowledge of the issues, and the best "right answer" score. This particular election begs for…

Pacifica examines widening part of Hwy 1 to six lanes

March 22, 2010
While an old-style traffic circle certainly can't handle the traffic loads on SR 1, a two-lane modern roundabout can handle upwards of 20,000 cars/day, if I recall correctly from the most recent presentation. I don't know what the traffic load is in Pacifica but that's certainly more than sufficient for Capistrano. On the worst days now, traffic moves much slower than what even a single-lane modern roundabout can accommodate. So for the intersections which currently serve one lane in each direction…

Sewage spill closes Surfers Beach

February 04, 2010
Julia Scott's article expertly mixes up two unrelated issues. GSD's 300 gallon spill was caused by damage to a sewer main from tree roots. That could happen at any time of year. The rest of the many spills in January all over the Peninsula were much larger spills due to wet weather overflows. I think there were no wet weather overflows in the Sewer Authority Midcoastside (SAM) service area this season because SAM has been very pro-active in the last 8 years. I suppose that the naysayers are working…

Come discuss safe crossing for Hwy 1 in Moss Beach and Montara at MCC, Weds, Jan 27

January 25, 2010
Ginny, when the Fire District recently changed its regular meetings to conflict with the MCC regular meetings, I pointed that out but the fire board gave no consideration to my request to avoid such a conflict. The Midcoast Community Council regular meetings have been second and fourth Wednesdays for at least 15 years. It would be in the community interest for the fire board to resolve the conflict, while also avoiding conflicts with other local agency board meetings.

Play Montara’s “Guess the number of Power Outages” this week.

January 18, 2010
My rule-of-thumb for El Granada power outages: if the power is out for more than a minute or two there is near zero chance that it'll be back on in less than 4 hours. Also, if the power is out for more than a second or two there's a high probability that the first rule applies. Interestingly enough, this morning's outage for me wasn't long enough to do anything other than make my clock flash because it forgot what time it is.

A more open process is needed for the county’s Charter Review Commission

January 17, 2010
Putting public comment at the end of the agenda is a transparent way of telling the public that the organization doesn't care what the public thinks.

Power returning to parts of Coastside after one hour outage

December 30, 2009
The EXACT SAME high voltage line across the street from my house, which snapped at 11:10 pm on March 30, 2009, snapped again in the EXACT SAME spot at 2:30 pm on December 29, 2009. There was no wind at either time. [This comment is a copy of a reply I posted on the Midcoast-L discussion email list yesterday evening, hence the references to "today" here are in fact references to yesterday.] "Doing the same thing over and over again expecting the results to be different is the definition of insanity."…

Map: Mr. Big Wave’s Neighborhood

December 19, 2009
The 3-house proposal was for the orange jigsaw-puzzle shaped parcel, apparently now owned by POST. The cynics among us say that the 3-house proposal was only to jack up the price and/or coerce an open-space agency into buying it. Looks like that worked. In response to comment 1 on this article, the Harbor District owns a number of parcels of dry land such as the marked one, and also the land next to the El Granada Post Office running all the way down the inland ("east") side of Obispo to Coronado.…

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 12, 2009
What's wrong with the signalized intersections at Coronado and at Frenchman's Creek's RF? (Who can spell that street name? ... I don't feel like doing cut and past from another blog.) Easy. Traffic Theory 101 says that you have to add "storage lanes" just before and just after every signal. Without increasing the number of lanes (look at the Capistrano intersection for an example of how it needs to be done), it's guaranteed that there will be a significant negative impact on traffic flow whenever…

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 12, 2009
David's analysis is very good. I disagree only with his comments regarding roundabouts. When the Coronado signal was being debated, I said that people wouldn't use it. If I were to camp out and count jay-walkers at Surfer's Beach vs people crossing at the Coronado signal, I suspect it would be at least 5:1 jay-walkers. So now of course people (mostly people who don't live north of Surfer's Beach) are suggesting a signalized crosswalk at Surfer's Beach. [How about if we take out the Coronado signal…

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