Comments by Zoe Kersteen-Tucker

Highway 92 travel times are now online

June 05, 2006
More folks living in Montara and Moss Beach who commute over 92 in the morning need to get FasTrak transponders. Until that happens the drive times posted on the website will be fairly inaccurate. I monitored the site this AM before leaving at 6:15. At 6:13 the drive time was posted at 11 minutes. It took me 30+ minutes to get from Moss Beach to the High School. Can only assume there isn't enough transponder data to generate accurate predictions at this point.

CUSD candidates’ forum: Charles Gardner

October 11, 2004
I too am eager to hear why Mr. Gardner is intent on building an expanded new middle school to the tune of $20÷ million in the face of dropping enrollment. How do we justify investing in oversized, new infrastructure when there are so many other pressing needs facing the school district? When will be the right time to re-evaluate enrollment projections? As a parent with a child at Cunha Middle School I am continually impressed by that site. The kids are centrally located, have access to the HMB Library,…