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Has Sierra Club gone “soft” on coastal protection?

January 11, 2010
The youtube video linked above in Sabrina's letter is well worth watching. Coastal Commission Executive Director Peter Douglas has some important remarks regarding the role of public participation as envisioned in the original drafting of the Coastal Act in the early 1970s.

Lisa Grote, Planning Director turns in her resignation

January 08, 2010
Having failed in her effort to push through the realtor/developer's version of the Midcoast LCP update at the Coastal Commission last month, Ms. Grote is now moving on to a jurisdiction where local planning decisions by pro-development officials are not subject to review by higher authority. She will not be missed.

Coastside author June Morrall, 1947 - 2010

January 05, 2010
June's documentary The Mystery of Half Moon Bay (made in 1980-81) should be required viewing for anybody who lives on the Coastside. Her talents and understanding of this area are nowhere more clearly illustrated than in that amazing video.

Big Wave “trails” are hardly worthy of the name

December 14, 2009
Lisa, you are correct. From POST letter to San Mateo County Planning and Building Department dated February 13, 2009: "...[T]he Big Wave development map has an inaccurate depiction of a trail connection to POST land. The trail does not currently connect to POST nor is it ever likely to connect to POST due to the steep terrain an the unlikelihood of such a trail ever being permitted..." The POST letter can be found on page 154 of the pdf document linked below that shows all of the responses to the…

Why is Harbor Village deserted?

December 14, 2009
"...It is a beautifully designed building..." Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I will have to disagree on that one. The (mostly empty) store fronts are arranged along a fake street, complete with fake plastic street lamps, and a fake plastic fence surrounding the outside of the whole dang view-blocking thing. It should not have been built in the first place, in my opinion, but greed triumphed over good sense, as usual. Karma has a way of dealing with these kind of things.

Coastal commision unanimously rejects county’s proposed LCP Update

December 10, 2009
The link below is for the Deputy Director's report for the North Central Coast District. Deputy Director's Report, 12-10-2009 On page 2 you can seee a list of all the peoople who faxed in comment letters, and then the actual letters are attached to the end of the report. Many thanks to those who sent in letters supporting the Costal Commmission staff recommendations which seem to have prevailed.

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 09, 2009
Building a safe crossing at large expense in one place on Hwy 1 is not going to stop people from trying to cross unsafely and unwisely at some other place which happens to be more convenient to their own destination along Hwy 1.

CUSD’S “Push Poll” for a Parcel Tax

November 19, 2009
As I have said, a successful parcel tax is probably not going to happen until we get some new leadership on the CUSD governing board. 4 out 5 members of the current CUSD board are still living in the bygone Wavecrest area where they think its ok to to play pro-development politics like pushing AB 1991 rather than doing the job they were elected to do, which is to improve the local schools.

A Solution for Surfers Beach in Sight?

November 14, 2009
"...Unfortunately, CalTrans and the City of Half Moon Bay were not represented. Erosion of Surfers Beach threatens the portion of the California Coastal Trail falling within Half Moon Bay city limits, and severe erosion threatens Highway 1..." Way to go Half Moon Bay City Council. I guess they were too busy celebrating their recent political victory.

Current HMB City Council’s slate sweeps the field

November 06, 2009
Here's the results in percentage terms Patridge - 18.23% Alifan: - 15.46% Kowalczy - 13.59% Ruddock - 12.67% Handler - 12.38% Freer - 11.78% Muteff - 10.84% Hoelzel - 5.04% People are living in a dreamworld if they think that the relatively small percentage-point victory margins recorded by the Old Guard slate add up to some sort of "mandate."

Current HMB City Council’s slate sweeps the field

November 05, 2009
Ray says "...Note that Patridge did not have a slate until the last few days before election day..." Gee that's a surprise since: (1) Patridge recruited Alifano to run, (2) all three are Republicans I believe, (3) all three had their signs placed together on all of the many parcels in town owned by mogul developer Keet Nerhan, (4) all three were endorsed by realtors, and, (5) everybody in town recieved a glossy printed door hanger with pictures of Patridge, Alifano, and Kowalczyk in the week before…

Current HMB City Council’s slate sweeps the field

November 05, 2009
Joel says: "A mandate to move HMB forward, not look backward." In other words, let's forget about the major screw-ups of the current crew and support them as they pursue the same sorts of policies that created the past screw-ups. Just because the Old Guard slate was elected by a single-digit percentage point margin (for the reasons I described above), does not mean that we all must now join their cheerleading team.

Current HMB City Council’s slate sweeps the field

November 03, 2009
This election proves one thing: We need term limits for the HMB City Council. Something is really wrong when a 20-year entrenched politician has a guaranteed slot on the City Council no matter what, and then uses her high-school-like popularity with voters to get her chosen assistants elected.

GSD challengers’ endorsement claim is not even a half-truth

November 01, 2009
Truth never gets in the way of the pro-realtor candidates.

Where were the Big Wave notifications?

October 29, 2009
Welcome to the world of Rich Gordon, where the Supervisor's main job is to grease the skids for whatever the developer/realtor lobby is asking for; which in this case, happens to be the Trojan Horse called Big Wave.

Cabrillo Unified budget disaster

October 10, 2009
Obviously, the answer to the district's budget woes is to pass a parcel tax. Unfortunately that probably can't happen until we get some new leadership on the school board. The majority of the current school board (Schreurs, Gardner, Riemer, and Wilson) still think its ok to play pro-development politics (like pushing for AB-1991) rather than doing the job they were elected to do.

Half Moon Bay City Council candidates

October 05, 2009
I guess Patridge and her like-minded candidates feel no need to put forth any extra effort to let the voters know where they stand on important issues. Four years ago, Patridge promised to bring "transparency in government" We saw how that worked out with the Beachwood mess. She's off to another great start.

County to hold workshop on “housing issues” in unincorporated Midcoast, Weds in HMB

September 29, 2009
Just like the MidCoast LCP update which was corrupted by the Board of Supervisors pandering to special interest groups like SAMCAR, the Housing Element update is really about trying to cram as many new houses as possible into the MidCoast, also pandering to special interest groups like SAMCAR (San Mateo County Association of Realtors). Over the next 30 years, the Supervisors want to double the number of houses (and cars) in the MidCoast. Think anout how that will affect your daily commute. We already…

Photo: HMB election gets ugly fast

September 25, 2009
Another interesting feature of this incident is that we have the humorous spectacle of elected CCWD official James Larimer decrying dirty politics over on TalkAbout, when in fact Larimer himself was caught engaging in his own brand of dirty politics back in 2004.

Draft report on Coastal Trail is available

September 22, 2009
Maybe, at the dedication cermony, Rich Gordon could explain why the bridge is twice as big as it needs to be and also maybe provide a brief summary of how much money was wasted on the oversized project.

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