Comments by Dot Norris

SF Bay Oil Spill - Info From Surfrider

November 11, 2007
When and where the information was compromised needs to be determined to ascertain the break down in communications. The public and the responsible agencies need to be alerted in a timely manner when something like this happens to be able to react in an appropriate manner. In light of the current situation, do we make it mandatory for all vessels using the port to have double hauls, not just oil tankers?

County stops, and then allows, filling and grading at Big Wave

June 25, 2006
In defense of Lisa, whom I've known for many years now, you can not critize her knowledge of agriculture and she is probably correct in her observations of the following week. The LCP has designated significant portions of the coastside for agricultural development. I don't understand the county's acceptance of this practice on land that has not been designated for this use. It seems that the LCP is not worth the paper it's written on.

Coastsiders may not see any benefit from new cable fees

February 08, 2006
I am tired of being treated like a child not knowing what is good for her. As long as we have a system like this, we can expect to be treated no better.

Wavecrest applies for permit from US Army Corps of Engineers

March 02, 2005
Will drainage from developed areas will not impact the proposed 'constructed red-legged habitat'? No sense in mitigating a polluted pond. Will this habitat be suitable for the Garter Snake also? file number: 29405s