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Letter: Meet the Democratic assembly candidates at our home in HMB

April 22, 2008

HMB settlement gives Keenan 129 houses on Beachwood and Glencree—and more

April 10, 2008
Both Jonathan Lundell and Steve Hyman are somewhat off on their facts. It was WAVECREST VILLAGE that was a ten year battle in trying to site the new middle school...not fifteen years. North Wavecrest was the fifteen plus year battle that was settled in the mid-nineties. Measure I defeated the NORTH WAVECREST referendum by greater than 60%. For everyone's information, NORTH WAVECREST has been a battle that had been going on for nearly three generations until POST purchased most of the buildable NORTH…

HMB settlement gives Keenan 129 houses on Beachwood and Glencree—and more

April 02, 2008
Even though the Godmother. Dolores Mullins, died in the mid-nineties her sphere of influence is still with us. Why? Assemblyman Gene Mullin, sponsor of AB 1991, is her godson. She still speaks from the grave. John Lynch

Letter: Meet the Democratic assembly candidates at our home in HMB

March 14, 2008
REMINDER...Rich Holober is on for this evening. John Lynch

Letter: Something is wrong

March 04, 2008
It is my understanding that Gael Erickson had given the HMB Review the first crack at publishing this letter. They either decided to "sit on it" or just not publish it. Thank you Coastsider for proving to be a true open forum on the Coastside, Yesterday's SF Chronicle in Matier & Ross's column that again demonstrates just outlandish was Judge Walker's decision was in the Yamagiwa decision. In a highly urban area, the State is considering selling the 68 acre Cow Palace property to the City of Daly…

Post acquires Wavecrest for $13.5 million

January 31, 2008
C'mon Mike Don't be so self effacing. If you and Jim Grady, while a sub-committee of the HMB City Council to redo the Owner's Participation Agreement suit, hadn't spent so many hours talking with Bruce Russell to bring forth the revised Wavecrest Village proposal it never would have happened. Jim Grady and you need not be shy. I know that there were no negotiations after you left the City Council but you surely laid the groundworks for this to gave happened. John Lynch

Post acquires Wavecrest for $13.5 million

January 31, 2008
Mike F. has been taking so much abuse lately. Without Mike negotiating with Kenmark this would never have occurred. Kudos to Mike. My hearftelt thanks to him as well as the thanks of all Coastsiders for many generations into the future. Mike and Jim Grady. You guys are my heros. John Lynch

Larimer calls for unity with finger-pointing and illogical bluster

December 28, 2007
Leonard Woren wrote, "From a purely technical point of view, the only thing that makes sense for the Coastside would be a single city and no special districts. All the municipal services (sewer, water, fire protection, etc) should be city department." Simply call it Coastside, Ca. Make it a charter city form of government. Have a seven or nine member council with a council member voted on by the voters within their own district (San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto). No one district could dominate…

Letter: Plug-in Prius comes to the Coastside Eco-Energy Expo and Solar Home Tour

September 16, 2007
Barry. Your information was correct. The League for Coastside Protection gave away, for free, more than 270 fluorescent light bulbs at the Eco-Energy Expo yesterday. John Lynch

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 16, 2007
My Oh My. What a wonderful sense of community that shines forth with this most happy news. My heartfelt thanks to Bruce Russell, Audrey Rust and all who allowed this treasure to be accomplished. Now I won't have to stand in front of the first bulldozer at Wavecrest Village. John

Comments and community on Coastsider

July 07, 2007
It would be most appreciated and considerate if our local newspaper followed your approach rather than allowing people to use such crazy nom de plumes. John lynch

Letter: Please download the Park Petition to sign or circulate

July 07, 2007
We are shutting down our petition gathering operation with about 1900 signatures collected in less than three weeks. My heartfelt thanks to all who signed the petition to save our Community Park For those of you who may have downloaded the petition, and you have signatures, please mail to: Friends of Pilarcitos Park, POB 3434, HMB, 94019 or drop off at 2098 Touraine Lane, Frenchmen's Creek, HMB or call me at 650-726-9280 and I'll drop by to pick them up. John Lynch

HMB City Council quietly calls meeting on parks budget Wednesday night

May 31, 2007
Joking from the lectern last night at the budget meeting, I repeated something Kathryn Slater-Carter had told me. She said that "if we were to name the 22 acre community park after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger we'd have the money to pay off the $3.1 loan due to POST this coming fall." Reflecting on this late last night, I feel that we may have a local option to pay off the loan. Why not open up the naming rights to the park. We have many wealthy Coastsiders that could vie for that right. Why we…

Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee awards over $100,000

April 18, 2007
Cheri. You are ever so polite and diplomatic saying you were turned down due to the total number of grants exceeding the funds available. I could easily see on the list eight grantees that should have been listed below your needs. You're doing an excellent job. Stay with it. John Lynch

Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee awards over $100,000

April 16, 2007
I couldn't help but notice the absence of Coastside Hope, the Human Services agency for the coastide needy. Why? John Lynch

Video: HMB City Council considers not improving Hwy 1 at Terrace

April 13, 2007
Sam. Your point is right smack dab on the issue of safety. What is just as important as the signal light is the road improvements that will assure safety and keeping the evening bottleneck from working backwards onto Hwy. 92. Please watch the video. Many of the speakers addressed this issue. I even made the point that neither the Terrace ave. protesters, Ailanto properties nor the City Council were concerned about the safety of all coastsiders. Lo and behold I was proven right by the actions they…

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 19, 2007
I believe that many of the commentators think I want to see the downtown "carmelized". My feeling is just the opposite. I'd like to see it "de-carmelized" and returned to serving the local residents and not the high end glitzy shops. I heartedly agree with Frank Long. I also would like to see the downtown sidewalks rolled up at 7:00 PM every night. But in any case that is not likely to occur in my lifetime. Remember Levy's department store in the Alpha Beta (now Albertson's) shopping center. You…

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 15, 2007
In the early nineties reporter Eric Rice of the Review wrote a defining lead article about the potential demise of Half Moon Bay’s downtown core. He extensively quoted an article by a Mr. St. Clair who, I believe, lived in Massachusetts. The article related how you can predict the demise of any city’s downtown. The biggest criteria was when you lose businesses that serve local residents and are replaced by high end stores that cater to visitor serving tourists such as art galleries, glitzy clothing,…

HMB airport will host “flyathlon” May 19

February 24, 2007
What ever happened to the Dream Machine event usually held at the end of April at the cairport? John Lynch

Struggle for HMB coffee and chai shop continues

February 06, 2007
I'd much prefer to post my comment on Coastsider, rather than the local newspaper, about the closing of the Coastside Gourmet Coffee and Chai. There have been many posts in that paperand their comments are all over the lot. People are talking about boycotting the New Leaf Community Market. For the life of me, I can't understand why"? New Leaf has done everything by the book. They didn't work through Mike Shami, owner of Albertsons. Mike Shami may be the owner, but he is not the leaseholder. The leaseholder…

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