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CUSD will put $175 parcel tax on June ballot

March 07, 2006
I spoke at the March 2nd school board meeting in favor of the parcel tax measure. But with a caveat. At that time they were considering a $45 school bus proposal plus $150 for school improvements all tied within the same ballot measure. My position was that each parcel tax should stand on its own. Why? Because the school bus parcel tax would be a "slam dunk" and would carry the school improvement measure on its "back" so both would be passed by the voters. Imagine my chagrin when, at special school…

Must-See MCTV: City Council détente breaks down

February 23, 2006
Brian Ginna. You must think that I am a nincompoop as well as all the wire services and all the newspapers who used that expression to describe Nixon's actions in October 1973. They knew, as well as I knew, that no deaths occurred so it truly was not a MASSACRE in the dictionary sense. It was literary license to show the gravity as to what occured. It was precisely for that reason I used MASSACRE to show the travesty of what occurred Tuesday evening. I stand by my choice of the word---MASSACRE indeed…

Must-See MCTV: City Council détente breaks down

February 23, 2006
C'mon Joel. You had to know that our article had to be submitted to the Review last week prior to the tragedy and debacle that occurred Tuesday night with the council's handling of the planning commission issue. Our Matter of Opinion article that appeared in yesterday's Review was a serious attempt by Vic Tigerman and myself to bring both sides of the HMB political spectrum together. The Managing Editor had told us that it would not appear until the March 1 issue. After the circus of Tuesday night,…

Must-See MCTV: City Council détente breaks down

February 22, 2006
I remember being in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on the night of the Saturday Night MASSACRE, on October 20, 1973 by President Richard Nixon. For those of you too young to remember the president dismissed special prosecutor Archibald Cox and forced the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckeslshaus. I was appalled. Unfortunately, last night I was present when the newly elected council majority committed their version of the Half Moon Bay Tuesday Night MASSACRE.…

Coastsiders may not see any benefit from new cable fees

February 07, 2006
Anyone want to bet that it'll be a 5-0 vote by the BOS in favor of this agreement? Why? Because San Mateo County is but one of two counties, out of 58 in California, that elect their supervisors "at large" not by the district that they are supposed to represent. One would think that our Supervisor, Rich Gordon, would go out of his way to support the coastside on this issue...Rich, surprise me. One way to stop these 5-0 votes by the supervisiors is to pass an Initiative to have all the supervisors…

HMB City Council plans “first reading” of Planning Commission ordinance tonight

January 18, 2006
Bonnie McClung proposed and had the council approve the tabling of the proposed ordinance chaanging the structure of the Planning Commission. Her desire was to end the divisiveness. After much discussion the council agreed that: • The Planning Commission will remain seven members • The City Council will ask selected Planning Commissioners to resign but serve until their replacement has been chosen • The Planning Commissioners, who resigned, may re-apply as well as any one who will take out…

Letter: You can help stop the City Council’s cynical gutting of planning commission

December 18, 2005
Comments about the Planning Commission Issue can be sent to: City Hall c/o Siobhan Smith, City Clerk 501 Main Street Half Moon Bay, VA 94019 Subject: Agenda Item 10 for Council Meeting of December 20, 2005 For faster delivery (preferred) To: City Clerk, Siobhan Smith, [email protected] cc: Mayor Marina Fraser, [email protected] Council Member Jim Grady, [email protected] Council Member, David Gorn, [email protected] Council Member, Bonnie McClung, [email protected] Council Member,…

Letter: Deja vu—Newly-elected Council members take aim at HMB Planning Commission

December 17, 2005
This drastic action by the newly seated city council on Tuesday, December 20, 2005 will have far reaching effect for ALL COASTSIDERS. Even though you may not live in Half Moon Bay, it is urgent that you attend this meeting and voice your thoughts. We need to stop Marina, Naomi and Bonnie from taking such egregious steps. REMEMBER: "Democracy is not a spectator sport."

Supervisors’  vision for the Midcoast: double the number of houses (and cars)

November 26, 2005
Somethings amiss, somethings haywire. Neither the Board of Supervisors nor the Coastal Commission can make Hwy 1 north of Surfer's Beach or Hwy. 92 east of Half Moon Bay a four lane highway. Measure A, a county wide initiative passed by the voters in 1986, has a proviso that these highways CANNOT be increased w/o another FULL COUNTY WIDE VOTE. Neither the supervisors nor the Coastal Commission can sidestep this requirement. John Lynch

What do you think about the Review and County Times endorsements?

October 28, 2005
Kevin Lansing's summary of the media support is revealing in that the candidates that the League for Coastside Protection supported and endorsed had the most enndorsements. • LCP---7 out of 9 • Opposition---2 out of 9 Padre

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 23, 2005
I apologize. The post attributed to HMB Ranger was posted by bginna on Oct 22, 05 | 6:57 am. I agree with HMB Ranger that I need to "take extensive reading courses." Padre

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 23, 2005
HMB Ranger said "If Grady/Ferriera can put up a sign at by Santa’s tree farm that says something to the effect of “What if the developers win on the Coastside?”. This statement is flat-out incorrect. Ranger man check your facts before you respond to this thread. Grady/Ferreira had NO input to that sign and sign location nor any of the blue signs posted around town. These have been done by the League for Coastside Protection maintaining a "firewall" between the LCP and all the candidates. Not…

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 22, 2005
HMB Ranger writes that he is not impressed with Grady and Ferreira's accomplishments and would like to have seen the middle shool and Boy's and Girl's club on their accomplishment list. Please forgive my ignorance but how does the city exert authority and control over a separate special district entity (CUSD)? Also, where do they wield the power to tell a private organization (Boy's and Girl's club) what they can or cannot due? Maybe HMB Ranger, you have the answers in his hip pocket. If you do,…

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 21, 2005
HMB Ranger stated that the League for Coastside Protection doesn't advertise that they are a political action committee. I suggest that he take an extensive course in reading. I just went to their website and this is what it states: "The San Mateo League for Coastside Protection is a California political action committee (ID 1234363), founded in May of 2001." What are they hiding? Nothing that I can discern. Padre

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 19, 2005
Well done.Well stated. You have that rare ability to put things into their proper perspective. Padre

Terrace Avenue lawsuit rejected by court

August 30, 2005
Score another victory for our great city council. It would be so easy for the city council to knuckle under to a threat of a lawsuit as our previous city councils have done. Bully for them. Padre

Who edits the editors?

June 30, 2005
Your opening of "who edits the editor" is interesting. My concern is who edits the editor when the editor edits an opinion article? My concept is that when an opinion article is written, the only time it should be edited is for brevity, name calling or slander. This past Wednesday my (John Lynch) article in the HMB Review had the first sentence and the beginning of the second removed. It slanted the article from what I had intended to convey. Additionally my paragraph stating that neither Ken Jones…

Maps and satellite images of the Coastside

April 10, 2005
Don't give Google all the credit for these coastside photographs. Credit must be given to both Ken and Gabrielle Alderman who flew their helicopter from the Oregon border to the Mexican border taking more than 25,000 photographs. It was a herculean task. Their web site is; If you want to see something startling go to the above web site. Look up image 13294 at N 37 26.05 W 122 26.86. It shows the illegal rip rap at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in HMB. It also shows the consequences…

Moss Beach company receives environmental award

February 12, 2005
Mitch Reid, owner of Eco-Pop's has been a strong environmental activist. He was most active in the Devil's Slide tunnel campaign in the mid ninties. When Caltrans reopened Devil's Slide after the five months closure, his car was the first one to travel on the reopened road. John Lynch

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