Comments by Larry Rosenstein

Comcast screwups list

October 06, 2010
It definitely doesn't seem right that the MCTV would not be available as an analog channel. In Pacifica, the analog channels go up to ~30, so PCTV is included. We got a cable box and DTA for free, but that's probably because we have the next tier up from basic cable, and needed it to access all the channels we pay for. But when Comcast made the switch we found that our old wiring wan't good enough to get all the digital channels. (Fortunately we were already planning to upgrade the wiring, and we…

Is MCTV worth saving? Part I:  MCTV privatizes the public record

March 21, 2008
I've watched a couple of the meeting where agencies have discussed this issue. It is interesting to see the MCTV execs split hairs about what can and cannot be done with the recordings. For example, that there are no restrictions on how many copies the agency can make as long as they don't go to a for-profit business. (Exactly who is supposed to enforce this?) In my view, it's a matter of MCTV doing all it can to protect a dying business model. As in the music and movies industries, the internet,…