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Judge says HMB violated Coastal Act when it cleared Kehoe Watercourse

November 11, 2011
"XV. In summary, the Court finds that the Kehoe Ditch cleaning project of February, 2009, was a knowing and intentional violation of the Coastal Act, but that the impact on the environment was not substantial. Accordingly, minimal civil penalties of $1000 for each day that the violation persists will be imposed per statute."

Haggerty, Ketcham,elected to MCC; Write-in candidate Stein holds tenuous lead

November 10, 2011
Last Updated: November 10, 2011 Report CandidateTotal Votes DAN HAGGERTY (30.35%) 1,095 LISA KETCHAM (29.57%)1,067 LAURA J. STEIN (15.38%) 555 LEONARD W. STONE II (13.33%) 481 JOHN OEHLERT (11.36%) 410

Coastsiders in support of off-leash dogs

March 07, 2010
There needs to be more than civility. There needs to be acknowledgement of the serious consequences to seniors and recuperating individuals. "The death rate for hip fracture patients is higher than for other people of the same age who do not sustain the injury. About 24 percent of hip fracture patients over age 50 die within 12 months after injury because of complications related to the injury and the extended recovery period." While training our dog, perhaps the most striking thing I noticed was…

Coastsiders in support of off-leash dogs

March 07, 2010
We trained our dog, with the help of a great trainer, behind Safeway in HMB. We got to where our dog was so well behaved that off leash, 100 feet ahead of me, if another dog came within view, I could call him and he'd come back and go on heel, despite his obvious desire to go say hi to the other dog. I've met others with dogs (and owners) similarly well-trained. It's a great thing. So, with that as background, imagine that you've just had back surgery, and the number one thing your doctor tells you…

Consultants’ plan for Hwy 1 lacks awareness of our environment and community

March 02, 2010
David, the example I gave took existing development and cut its heart out. On the day of the Mavericks contest, driving back from SFO, traffic was stop and go from Sharp Park in Pacifica all the way through 8th Street in Montara. One of the more fascinating things as I drove along was to see that businesses along the way looked no more busy than usual. Helping out our existing local businesses is going to take more than flowing a bunch of cars past their store fronts.

Consultants’ plan for Hwy 1 lacks awareness of our environment and community

March 02, 2010
David wrote: Logically, that would appear to mean the highest possible level of safety combined with the fastest possible flow of traffic… and both of those criteria appear to be best accomplished with under or overpasses as opposed to any kind of road surface crossing. An example comes to mind in Pacifica where the traffic blows past Eureka Square without even knowing the local businesses there even exist. That's a nearby, real example of where "traffic engineering" did some serious damage to…

Sewage spill closes Surfers Beach

February 09, 2010
If you know of illicit grease hauler trucks dumping into the sewer system, please call SAM at (650) 726-0124 and local law enforcement.

Power returning to parts of Coastside after one hour outage

December 29, 2009
Several 3 to 5 second outages around 6PM, seemed like cutovers as circuits/devices were taken into or out of service. I was working in my garage with tools to take apart a couple of palettes. It sure was odd to have everything go completely dark in the middle of a swing of a mini sledge(!).

Map: Mr. Big Wave’s Neighborhood

December 24, 2009
Kevin, are you familiar with the details of that proposal? Not all are, but some proposals are actually ill-considered. Perhaps one might consider that the previous poster had knowledge from which that opinion was formed.

Restore Sharp Park to a Natural Back Barrier Lagoon System

December 16, 2009
Regarding bickering, this week's Pacifica Tribune, front page, "McCain, Coburn criticize Sharp Park stimulus funding" Why? The proposed funding is for piping recycled water to the golf course, and they cite a golf course "that might not exist much longer" as a reason to consider the funding "waste" and "mismanagement". Julia's article mentions the two endangered species as a key reason for getting rid of the golf course. If that…

Photos: Coastsider visits San Mateo County’s Temple of Democracy

November 25, 2009
Electronic communications have long suffered from misinterpretation based on a given reader's point of view. I don't know if the use of a period rather than an exclamation mark warrants claims of exclamation, but I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. Whatever. In the context of a tight race, and as a fan of the process, it was worth noting that County Elections had certified the election.

Leonard Woren wins GSD seat by 10 votes

November 20, 2009
It's now official. has the official statement of the election.

Coastside election results 2009, GSD still too close to call

November 04, 2009
I asked for and voted a paper ballot. Almost anticlimactic, yet quite gratifying.

Case against Coastal Commission dismissed

August 24, 2009
but Plan 9 is a classic!

County policies lead to failing wells

August 06, 2009
Homes in the Salinas Valley didn't have problems with salt in the water until too much water was pulled from the aquifer, so anecdotal evidence here does nothing to avoid the same fate our neighbors to the south are burdened by now. So I’d still be interested in your view on the risk to all the homes presently on wells. Would you protect them from possible salt water intrusion?  Certainly it’s not only undeveloped properties that are worth safeguarding, is it? 

County policies lead to failing wells

August 05, 2009
Steven, if the county is monitoring wells, the report would have had more information, don't you think? I'd be interested in your view on the risk to all the homes presently on wells. How would you protect them from possible salt water intrusion? Certainly it's not only undeveloped properties that are worth safeguarding, is it?

Sierra Club questions HMB over Beachwood

August 04, 2009
George, in looking past your attack-the-messenger comments about Mark and Julia (yes, as polite-sounding as your words were, you still strongly suggested that she got it wrong), perhaps you can point out at least one thing wrong in the article. As to asking you to speculate, no, that's not what "Wouldn’t those activities need to go through the normal permitting process?" asks for. Any chance you might comment on the substance of the article?

Sierra Club questions HMB over Beachwood

August 04, 2009
In your response, George, you have lots of words denigrating people (Julia Scott and Mark Massara), and not one word of response to the actual subject – the reported intentions of the City. That was the topic of Julia's article, and Mark's letter questioned the reported intentions. You might not like what Julia reported. You dislike Mark and his letter. But what of the City's priorities for the property? Did the mayor make the remarks in the context reported? or did the reporter misconstrue? Your…

Sierra Club questions HMB over Beachwood

August 04, 2009
George, care to comment on the article itself? City staff members are drawing up a to-do list to keep Beachwood in the best shape to sell someday, according to Muller. The first order of business will be to create a 30-foot fire break to safeguard an adjacent subdivision; the scrubland at Beachwood is several feet high. The city will drain certain areas of the property to keep new wetlands from forming, and officials possibly will erect a fence around it. Next, the property will be appraised. Would…

Saving schools with solar energy

June 26, 2009
MWSD did a number of capital improvements using revenue savings in a package proposed by Chevron Energy Solutions. You can see one of our solar arrays at

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