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Photos: Pirates of Penzance opens tonight in Pacifica

March 18, 2014
The reviews are in!

Photos: Big day at Montara Beach

March 05, 2014
These are terrific Kevin! I've been playing around with shooting waves myself, and naturally on the day of the big one, was on my way to a meeting over the hill Best I could do was call Barry and scream - "Get the camera and head over to surfers beach"! as I drove by! Sigh. I especially like the bottom sepia of the top set. It looks like one of those wonderful Japanese woodblock prints. Nicely done. Cheri

Haggerty, Ketcham,elected to MCC; Write-in candidate Stein holds tenuous lead

November 09, 2011
The coastside is an excellent place to live if you want proof positive that your 1 vote, does indeed count! Congrats to the winning slate, a team I know did a great deal of old fashioned hard work to get out the vote. It seemed that everywhere I went today, I ran into one or all of the candidates. Congrats in particular to Laura Stein for the impressive numbers on a write in candidacy. I also want to thank all the election volunteers who manned the polling places today. While foot traffic was light,…

Arata’s Pumpkin Farm

November 04, 2011
Jose - I'm not following the current conversation on Arata's so I'll save that debate for those with firsthand knowledge, but I have, on many occasions, served as an adult chaperone (referee?) for Farallone view's trips to Arata's and may I say "thank you". My experience has been just as you've described. Kids running around, being kids, petting goats, selecting pumpkins, jumping off hay bales, riding pony's, screaming, laughing, and yes, even learning! I've found the staff and volunteers to be wise,…

Help support rescue rings at Montara Beach

July 12, 2011
Benjamin - Barry and I would like to donate a ring as well. Can you email me the details at [email protected]? Thanks for the great community service.

3rd Smaller Quake in Pacifica area 1.2

April 18, 2011
Now a 2.4 at 4:55pm. Anyone know how common it is to have a string like this?

Coastside author June Morrall, 1947 - 2010

January 05, 2010
I too just got to know June over this past year, and her passing is a real loss to the coastside. She was passionate about the coast and her blog was a time capsule of it's people and events. She was a gentle, lovely lady who always saw the best in others. She will be greatly missed.

Michael O’Neill’s coastside gigs

October 22, 2009
Michael and his Jazz trio also played at our wedding and were amazing. We're exceptionally lucky to have his talent here locally. Please make the time to support our coastside artists!

Coastsider operating out of Caffe Lucca. How’s the storm affecting you?

October 13, 2009
Power is finally back on in Montara! Thanks so much to all the fine folks with PG&E and the others working in this awful storm. We saw a great deal of them filing into Cafe Lucca for hot coffee and a break from the Rain. Thanks too to Mary and Donna at Cafe Lucca who saved us this afternoon sharing their power, internet, Paninis, and humor! And Darin buddy - I hate you man! ;-> I kept looking across the yard at the lights on in your place wondering what a difference 50 feet makes!

Tech Tuesday - First Tuesday of Every Month at It’s Italia Begins 9/1

September 01, 2009
As the author of a college paper titled "Why Geeks Make the Best Husbands", I'll be attending representing the Coastside Geeks Fan Club.

Schwarzenegger’s line-item veto threatens food for Coastside seniors

August 13, 2009
Kevin - I wrote the article in question so I'll try to clarify. The article is not simply a call to volunteer, far from it. It is primarily an alert to the community that we could lose our food program for local seniors because the governor used a line item veto to cut funding for the brown bag program. The title is not a "knock on the governor" but simply states a fact that his veto could put our local food program at risk. That being said, I did also ask people to volunteer, donate money or food,…

SamTrans forum highlights the necessity of Route 17

August 10, 2009
Thanks George. I was glad to see you, and a number of community leaders at this event. I think its an important illustration, that we can all come together around important issues, and that we take the time to give voice to those who can't. Today I was in Half Moon Bay at our weekly food distribution to the seniors at Bloom Lane. The mood was decidedly more somber as the residents spoke with each other and to me about how losing Route 17 would change their lives for the worse. For a group of people…

Thank you! Email SamTrans to protect coastside routes

August 08, 2009
Hi Laura - I was at the meeting from before it started until the last people were leaving. I didn't see Rich or any of his aids in attendance, nor were they announced when they introduced people in the room. That being said, there could have been someone there that I just missed in the crowd. I have to say, as someone who goes to a lot of coastside community functions and meetings, (yes, yes - I do live the glamourous life!) I think Rich does a good job of maintaining a presence on the coast. He…

Thank you! Email SamTrans to protect coastside routes

August 08, 2009
Gotta love photoshop. There is a photo merge function that takes multiple photos, sizes, and lines them up fairly closely. At that juncture you have to do some hand work at the pixel level to make sure you don't have any splice problems. I did have to do a little re-construction work on Mr. Esse's, as during the merge he "lost" part of his head, but otherwise it came out pretty well. The trick with crowd scenes is to take rapid-fire sequential shots so that you have very little crowd movement. Of…

Save Pacifica’s hillsides, don’t widen Highway 1

July 31, 2009
Even the kids taking public transportation have issues. Because the bus is overflowing, oftentimes they have to wait for the second bus. This causes many to walk down highway 1 so that they can get to an earlier pick-up. The other community issue created is that after school, many Cunha and High School kids just stay at the library until their parents can get them after work. Needless to say, this isn't ideal for anyone. Add to this the traffic impact etc. and I'm with Mr. Lundell. My guess is a…

SamTrans proposes to cut Coastside bus service, public meeting Thurs, Aug 6

July 29, 2009
This is an excellent opportunity for those of you concerned about traffic, transportation, and school bussing to make your voice heard. I'll be at this event speaking in favor of not only retaining, but expanding public transportation on the coast, and I hope you'll come too. For those of you writing me about school bussing, and finding solutions to that issue, perhaps we could have a get-together after this event to discuss ideas. I'll contribute what I know, and home home-made brownies to boot!

Save Pacifica’s hillsides, don’t widen Highway 1

July 29, 2009
Thank for the clarification Rick. It just depends on who you talk to. I was told by a one school official it was to "distribute the hispanic population" and another, as you stated, to "move low income kids". At one point the answer evolved to "the bus is to distribute the ESL (English as a Second Language) population......." As it was explained to me, the purpose was to keep the Hatch School test scores from suffering because all the children from Moonridge, if not bused, would attend Hatch. By spreading…

Save Pacifica’s hillsides, don’t widen Highway 1

July 28, 2009
This is why I gave up on bussing and moved on to creating the Senior Brown Bag food program in Half Moon Bay. At least I knew who to work with to donate funds to make it happen. I have to believe that with enough interested parents we could look at a pay for service program that could possibly provide at least some of the funding. I wouldn't be surprised that if we approach it as a stand alone project we come up with some solutions. My approach has always been to come to the table with solutions…

Save Pacifica’s hillsides, don’t widen Highway 1

July 28, 2009
Kimmie - You are welcome to call me anytime or let's grab coffee. This is an issue I've been trying to move forward with zero luck for over three years. I've appeared before the Board of Supervisors, Sam Trans and the HMB City Council and School Board on this very issue. I've been involved both as a private citizen (parent of three) and as the Executive Director of Coastside Hope, where I oversaw the #17 Bus that provides almost the only outside transportation option for many of the school kids.…

New look Montara Beach website.

July 23, 2009
Let me know when you find out Kevin. Barry and I try to make all the beach clean-ups. We bring the kids and play "Who can find the most unusual trash?" Unfortunately I win that one frequently. BTW - do you know what's going on with the seals? Last clean up we found two dead seals, two beached seals, and one stuck on the cliff. Called the Marine Mammal Center who was working overtime that day. I've never seen this many beached or in danger. Has something changed recently?

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