Comments by Eric Schiller

Salmon population headed for collapse, season may be cancelled

February 01, 2008
It is terrible when a local food source vanishes. We waste so much energy transporting food! Recently I was at the HMB fish store and saw a couple ordering scallops that had been flown in from New England, passing over all the wonderful local fish. I try to buy local fish and produce when I can. It not only supports the local economy, but also saves energy. Humans have eaten fish and seafood for a long, long, time and it is part of a healthy diet. We must try to preserve our local renewable resource.…

Video: Coffee Shop supporters crowd city council meeting, landlord pledges to work with owner

February 13, 2007
I love Peet's and go out of my way to visit their stores. But we mustn't sacrifice a wonderful local establishment. I don't mind Peet's in addition to our locals, but not as a replacement. Rahman's is unique in atmosphere and style, and deserves to be preserved. It is a successful small shop with a very loyal following. We should try as a community to come up with ways to increase revenue so that market-rate rent can be paid. Free wi-fi Internet might attract more business, and perhaps an in-house…

Coastsider endorses Pam Fisher for CUSD board

October 29, 2006
I realize that as we approach the election some campaigns are getting rather desperate but to descend to the level of discussing a dog's urinary habits strikes me as being about as irrelevant as one can possibly get. We have serious issues facing our community and Pam Fisher has already demonstrated an ability to discuss and address those issues in a responsible manner. If you disagree with her stated opinions, then voice those disagreements, but let's not get into the dog-widdle business.

Letter:  Why hasn’t anything been done about the evening commute?

July 09, 2006
I've been complaining about this for a long time. I mostly teach afterschool sessions and the outbound commute is no problem, but it has added an hour, sometimes more, to the return joourney. Improving the situation is not rocket science. A few traffic cops would keep it flowing, combined with an absolute enforcement of the double yellow line, so that no cross-92 turns are permitted during rush hour. The 280/35 interchange is constantly a mess, with many red lights being ignored. A cop on the corner…

Measure S loses with 61% of the vote

June 07, 2006
The child abusers win again. The same ugly greed that defeated us in the past did so again, and our kids will suffer greatly for it. We will have higher crime for sure. The problem isn't the system or marketing, it is the presence of too many barbarians among us, people who don't care about kids or the future. The measure will fail as long as these ugly people outnumber people of faith and understanding who have a desire to see our community advance. Many of these people live here, but ferry their…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 07, 2006
I'm for a cinema first, Trader Joe's second (or both!). Since I have a TJ on virtually every one of my teaching routes over the hill, I'm not as dependent on having a local one, but I'm certainly in favor. If someone from is spearheading an effort to lure TJ here, then simply printing out the comments on this page will surely convince them of interest. As for traffic, I like Hal Bogner's original plan of turning 92/Main/1 into a big traffio circle. I've driven extensively in England and know how…

Dream Machines cancelled: It’s too wet to park

April 06, 2006
As someone who lives between the airport and the ocean, and works mostly at home, I can't say it bothers me. The noise levels are horrific. I put up with it because many local residents seem to like it. But when possible, I have arranged to be out of town. It is unfortunate that people who look forward to earning money on the event will lose out, and they have my sympathy. But personally, it is good news to me and many of my neighbors.

La Di Da is for sale

March 27, 2005
I hope this has nothing to do with the fact that Cunha is being abandoned (though we hope not) for Wavecrest. I thought all along that this wrong-headed Middle School "project" would harm downtown business.

Should we rename HMB Airport after Jessica Dubroff?

November 13, 2005
I basically agree with you. It would be an enormous waste of money to put real security on municipal airports. In a free society, we have to assume that there will be some opportunity for evil acts of terrorism. Britain has known this for years. the British Soundly rejected Tony Blair's proposals to reduce civil liberties in their country. They seem to understand Ben Franklin's warnings better than we do. Our nation's border is too expensive to be subject to 100% security. Clearly we need to improve…

Should we rename HMB Airport after Jessica Dubroff?

November 13, 2005
I agree with teach. that the analogy is false, and I find it offensive. Naturally those who knew Ms. Dubroff want to honor her, though in fact her accidental death prevented her from living a long and productive life. She died in an accicdent, and people should get over it. To celebrate recklessness is, however, not the right way to go. Children should not be flying planes. They aren't permitted to drive cars, after all. Several commentators have remarked on locality, but in fact airports are not…

Should we rename HMB Airport after Jessica Dubroff?

December 28, 2004
I can't jump on this particular bandwagon. There was a lot of controversy about the flight and whether such young people should be allowed to fly the plane at any time. In any case, the cause of the tragedy, whether pilot error or overloading, is not something to be memorialized by renaming the airport in response to an event which might simply have been reckless. What message does it send: fly from here and maybe you'll crash and die? I'd rather see it named for one of our endangered species. I…