Comments by Bill Bechtell

SamTrans and Pacifica provide public transportation to the Devil’s Slide trail

March 29, 2014
Will either the bus or the shuttle allow dogs on board? Considering the shortage of trailhead parking, that would be the only realistic solution for those who would like to walk the trail with their dogs. I'm concerned that people will be parking at Gray Whale Cove and walking with their dogs along the highway to get to the Devil's Slide trail, a very dangerous approach.

Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

March 25, 2014
Great video. I didn't realize that it was almost all downhill southbound. Can't wait to do it myself!

Looks like this event has already occurred.

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 28, 2011
Deborah: The Dog Management Plan is more restrictive than federal law requires. The law, 36 CFR 2.15 to be exact, requires that dogs be "restrained on a leash not to exceed six feet in length." It does not require that dogs be banned. It is true that under the "GGNRA Compendium" the recreation area superintendent has the discretionary authority to impose restrictions as necessary. It would have been better if the plan had followed 36 CFR 2.15 and then issued restrictions as required under the compendium,…

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 27, 2011
I wish you correct, Deborah, but unfortunately it is true. Go to Table ES-1 in the Executive Summary of GGNRA's Draft Dog Management Plan/EIS. It plainly states that GGNRA's preferred alternative for "New Lands" (that's us) is Alternative D: "No dog walking allowed unless opened by GGNRA Compendium..." This report is available on-line at

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 24, 2011
Carl: I think we are in total agreement. I certainly am not going to defend dogs and their owners behaving badly. Like I said in the last paragraph of my first comment, one solution might be to identify discrete areas where dogs are allowed off leash, areas where dogs are allowed on leash, and areas where dogs are not allowed at all. Your identification of the parcels north of Montara and east of Clipper Ridge as dog acceptable areas are right on. Those are the locations where most people currently…

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 24, 2011
Kevin, Not hypocritical at all! I have long been of an advocate for off leash dog walking while respecting others in the area who may not care to interact with an off leash dog. See my leash protocol on the dog blog . Also, you incorrectly quoted me out of context above. What I said was " I formed Montara Dog Group and put up a web site,, primarily to encourage dog owners to leash their dogs when appropriate and to pick up after their dogs." True, there are many areas in…

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 22, 2011
Carl, I do not know how the feds came up with the decision to ban dogs from Rancho. The "Dog Management Plan/EIS" was developed for Pacifica, San Francisco and Marin. It seems like they arbitrarily decided to hold Rancho to a higher standard than all other lands in the national park system, where dog are allowed on leash. I don't know where you came up with the statistic that fewer than half of dog owners are following leash laws, but that sounds low to me. In April of 2008 I formed Montara Dog Group…

Video: Pacifica developer redefines “elegance”... as “hugeness”

January 27, 2010
I think there is a "truth in advertising issue here! The flyover of the nearby beautiful Pacific coast happens to be Moss Beach and Montara, not Pacifica.

Photos: Pacifica apartment building retreats from eroding bluff

January 03, 2010
I am curious about the cost of all this work and who is paying for it? The cost has to be many times the value of the apartment house.

Nancy Maule: 1923 -2008

October 06, 2008
I second Chuck's comments. All of us who enjoy walking on the POST property, or in McNee Ranch State Park, can thank Nancy for being the driving force behind the protection of those areas, and holding off developers for 30 years. She was also instrumental in stopping the Devil's Slide Bypass, which would have bisected both the POST lands and the state park.

Letter: Montara Mountain Lovers, please leash your dogs

October 05, 2008
I have previously addressed the off-leash dog issue on my web site (Montara Dog Blog, Here is a reprint from the blog archive. To Leash or not to Leash That is the question that many of us dog walkers often face. The one percent of you who have your dogs under perfect voice command need read no further. This article is not for you. It is my opinion, that for a dog to be happy and well adjusted, he (or she) needs time off leash to run around, sniff, explore, and to play…

Letter: Alternatives to July 4th fireworks?

July 01, 2008
When I moved to Montara in 1976 the Moss Beach - Montara Improvement Association (MMBIA) sponsored a 4th of July parade and picnic. I seem to remember the parade went down George St. and Sunshine Valley Road to what at the time was Sunshine Valley Ranch, owned by John and Yvonne Selsor. There we had a picnic. The highlight was a tug-of-war, Montarans vs. Moss Beach residents.