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Video: Tsunami in Half Moon Bay

March 18, 2011

Photos: Tsunami at Princeton and Mavericks

March 17, 2011
Here's a link to a time lapse video I shot on the docks in the harbor. It was over a 40 minute period starting at around noon. The white roller at the bottom of the post is 4 inches high, so you can see that even at this point we were seeing at least 3 foot shifts in water level in the harbor. A friend even had trouble running through the ebb at the harbor mouth at around 3:00.

Five Stars to the local production of TOMMY, which opens tonight!

July 27, 2009
This is completely self serving as I'm in the band, but we've loved having people see the show and to see their reactions to it. We've had people dancing and singing during the encores after most of the performances so far. It's running every weekend from now through August 22. Tickets are still available, but going fast. Friday and Saturday shows were both sold out. You can get them online at or they are available at the box office from two hours before each…

Video: Understanding the Big Wave development in Princeton

February 05, 2009
Thanks for this informative video. I had no idea the size of this project.

Año Nuevo sea lions now on webcam

January 30, 2009
While there certainly are sea lions at Año Nuevo, the star attraction, and the animals seen in this screen shot are Northern Elephant Seals. There's a "big" difference. Male California sea lions reach about 600 lbs, while male elephant seals get up to about 5000 lbs. I bet viewers would see some drama if they saw "female sea lions continue to lay their pups, mate one last time, and leave their young elephant seals behind". Quite the feat!

Photo: Low-flying jetliner cruises the Coastside

November 21, 2007
It was the San Jose Ballet doing a promotion, and those are dancers on the tail. Here's a picture:

Letter: Airliner over Montara?

November 21, 2007
It was the San Jose Ballet. See:

Will Wavecrest be disked over the long weekend?

September 12, 2006
Ray, first of all, thanks for the calm tone of your posts. It's nice to be having a substantive discussion of the issues instead of a rant fest. The letter you linked to is not the one I was referring to, and after a cursory search of Coastsider I was unable to find the other letter. I have uploaded it to my site here: USFWS letter re Wavecrest.pdf The important quotes out of the letter are as follows: "This letter represents the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (Service)…

Will Wavecrest be disked over the long weekend?

September 11, 2006
Responding to points raised by Ray: -- "Doesn't it sound a bit ridiculous that “the law” should be introduced as being violated, simply because one biologist spotted a frog on the property?" Actually, not the case. US Fish and Wildlife Service biologists have visited the site and officially declared it endangered species habitat for both the California Red Legged Frog and the San Francisco Garter Snake. Barry has the letter to this effect posted on Coastsider. -- "I think the intent of the law…

Will Wavecrest be disked over the long weekend?

September 06, 2006
I'm sorry. You're right. I'm wrong. It's not "expressly forbidden". Here's what I know: - USFWS has designated the property as endangered species habitat. - Under the Endangered Species Act, destruction of habitat is classified as a "take" of endangered species and is prohibited. - The California Coastal Commission requested that Concar Enterprises cease disking operations in 2004 pending review by the Coastal Commission, California Fish and Game, and the US Fish and Wildlife service. - To my knowledge,…

Will Wavecrest be disked over the long weekend?

September 06, 2006
They're disking right now. It is expressly forbidden, and they're doing it anyway.

HMB City Council compromises on Planning Commission

January 19, 2006
I'm not sure about why the whole Commission is resigning, but by not adopting the new ordinance, I'm pretty sure that the terms of commissioners remain staggered. I think that the mass resignation is a compromise designed to keep the commission at 7 members. It would have been in the authority of the Council to fire the two at large commissioners and not appoin new ones. This solution gains the slow growth community an extra vote and saves face for the pro growth community while giving them back…

HMB City Council pushes ahead with HMB Planning Commission restructuring

December 28, 2005
So, I'm not sure I understand where we are now. By "bringing back a draft ordinance", has the planning commission been reduced in size, or has the council begun the process of reducing?

State to tow whale carcass away

August 19, 2005
So, we can have literally tons of horse manure on that beach but not one naturally occurring whale?

Thinking of running for office?  The filing deadline is Aug 12

July 19, 2005
Is there information out there on who has already filed? What's the shape of the race, or is it too soon to tell?

Jones and Larimer blame Coastsiders for our own lousy middle school

May 03, 2005
Hear Hear!! I sent a letter to the editor the moment I read the piece with much the same argument.

Wavecrest calls off wetlands delineation, delaying its permit application

April 13, 2005
I think you're right on. I was walking out there last weekend and -- surprise, surprise -- the whole place is full of standing water. This wasn't an abnormally high rainfall year either (according to the National Weather Service, the bay area has received from 123% - 135% of normal rainfall, as compared to 249% for LA -- <br><br>There are wetlands out there. Wavecrest knows this. It's why they tried to drain them…

Wavecrest applies for permit from US Army Corps of Engineers

February 08, 2005
One interesting thing to note is that Wavecrest is proposing to build ponds as mitigation for Red Legged Frog habitat lost, but the area has been designated as habitat for both the frogs and for the San Francisco Garter Snake. Also, I seem to remember that in the USFWS's letter about the disking they noted that dry grassland areas near to wetlands were important for snake burrows. Ponds don't seem to offer mitigation for snake habitat.

Wavecrest applies for permit from US Army Corps of Engineers

February 08, 2005
Does anyone know if the Corps permitting process allows for community comment and involvement?

Coastsider’s weather page is now in beta

December 08, 2004
Fantastic! I love it. Thanks for putting this together. mike