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Welcome (back) to the new Coastsider

December 01, 2007
That's 100% better! And the text on white is a great improvement to legibility. Way to go, Barry!

Welcome (back) to the new Coastsider

December 01, 2007
Several Comments: Sam, if you use a PC, you can enlarge the type by hitting Ctrl and + keys together a time or two. Barry, what happened to the Gallery? It was a feature I really enjoyed. Also, on my 17-in. screen, the left margin needs to be increased. The initial letter of text is right on the left edge. The entire page, except for the banner, seems offset too far to the left. I appreciate all the work that's gone into the new layout, but IMHO, I think the stories are more prominent and easier…

Darin’s Tuesday Photo: Ocean from Wavecrest

September 18, 2007
Darin, That is stunning! That is Wavecrest. Thank you.

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 16, 2007
Outstanding! So many people have dreamed this dream for so long. As a former board member of HOST, now the Coastside Land Trust, I am one of them. But my small efforts were trivial compared to those of some of the people who have commented on this topic and to those activists who are gone or have moved away. So I thank all of them too for helping to save this priceless asset for generations to come. And now, thanks to Audrey Rust and Bruce Russell the dream--or rather, the miracle--has come true!…

Video: HMB City Council releases full due diligence report, doesn’t kill park yet

June 06, 2007
Thanks for posting this so quickly, Barry!

Exclusive video:  HMB City Council prepares to kill Pilarcitos Creek park site

June 05, 2007
As someone who attended and participated in some of the public tours and planning sessions for Pilarcitos Park, I recall considerable support and interest, contrary to the memories of some on the current City Council. As a homeowner near the park, I have been looking forward to some small beginning of a park, rather than the countless gravel trucks, tree shredders, city maintenance vehicles and NO TRESPASSING signs that inhabit the place now. A couple of years ago, citizens spent a great deal of…

HMB airport will host “flyathlon” May 19

February 25, 2007
Hi John, It's scheduled for April 29, 2007. It was cancelled last year because of rain and mud. Go to this website for more info. Suzanne

Darin’s Monday Photo: Rain off Poplar Beach

January 16, 2007
Extraordinary photo, Darin. Thank you! I've never wanted to use a screen saver before, but this was too wonderful to resist.

Photo: A surge of protest

January 16, 2007
I think their motivation is given in the photo caption. But more attention wouldn't hurt.

Letter: Tree cutting at Hwy 92

January 12, 2007
You might be interested to read the 1/12/07 article in the HMB Review. Yes, it looks awful now, but when shallow-rooted eucalyptus trees fall across highway 92, as they have in past storms, that's also awful (and scary). Here is the online story:

Opinion: James brings Christmas to Half Moon Bay

December 27, 2006
Good story, worthy of O'Henry. I don't know you, but I like you for it. James is a good soul; he deserves more than glory, more than a tent by the creek. Any volunteers?

Letter:  Wither the LCP?

September 22, 2006
A Freudian slip? Mr. Ginna's title for this thread is "Wither the LCP?" Perhaps that's what he really meant, but "Whither the LCP?" fits his discussion. [Sorry, a born editor here!]

Welcome to the public beta test of the new Coastsider

August 28, 2006
Haven't noticed any problems, but I love the new "masthead"! Who was the designer? :)

Joe Cotchett to represent Valerie Plame against Cheney

August 17, 2006
As a "nattering nabob of negativity" Spiro Agnew never knew, I remember him well!

Fly through Devil’s Slide using Google Earth

April 08, 2006
OMG. "Absolutely astonishing" is absolutely right. Google Earth will eat many, many of my hours! The flythrough of Hwy 1 is great.

Dream Machines cancelled: It’s too wet to park

April 08, 2006
For the record, Dream Machines is a major source of funding for the Coastside Adult Day Health Center on Correas Street in Half Moon Bay. To get an idea of the many ways this extraordinary facility aids seniors and adults in the Coastside community, please see

Video: Tour of the damage at Devil’s Slide

April 04, 2006
Great reporting, Barry! Thank you. Suzanne Black

Memorial: Shirley Brey

March 07, 2006
I had the pleasure of serving with Shirley on the Board of Directors of the Half Moon Open Space Trust. She was an extraordinary woman--as brave in the face of controversy as she was in her personal challenges. She was always ready to do what needed to be done, whether it was licking envelopes or speaking up for her beloved Coastside. She was feisty and funny and involved with the world around her, a real model for "successful aging." I will miss her. Suzanne Black

Video: HMB City Council’s “Tuesday Night Meltdown”

March 05, 2006
Thank you for an extraordinary public service, Coastsider! Let's hope that every resident of Half Moon Bay and the Coastside who missed the MCTV live telecast takes the time to watch this. It is an education in how not to run a railroad--or a city. Suzanne Black

Letter: Ferreira says “Let’s give Bonnie McClung a chance”

January 01, 2006
Thanks for the healing words, Mike. And thanks for your years of public service to this community. With any luck, there will be many more! SuzanneBlack

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