Comments by June Legler

Animal entrapment in Montara

August 20, 2010
It is possible the trapper is trying to catch a feral cat in order to get it neutered. I trapped 14 cats in a feral colony at lot near the El Granada post office about 15 years ago. I had them all fixed at PHS, several were young enough to socialize for adopttion, and a local woman fed the dwindling group of cats for years. Finally the colony's last resident died a natural death a couple of years ago. I never caught a tame cat or dog. A few skunks and young raccoons took to the bait (canned cat food),…

Letter: I sent this to Comcast today

November 29, 2007
I have actually gone to the El Granada office to complain about nightly blackout or poor picture on cable channel 10 (KTEH PBS. The woman at the desk acted as though it was a big surprise that anything was wrong and said she would have the technician check it out that night by taping what was being received. First she implied it was probably our TV set or our connection until I insisted it also affects my friend's service in Half Moon Bay. Of course, nothing has changed. By the way if you think Comcast…