Comments by Emily Berk

Gray Squirrels on the Coastside?

October 25, 2010
Saw a grey squirrel in my neighbor's plum tree a few weeks ago. It's the first squirrel of any kind I've ever seen on the coast. In Moss Beach.

CUSD will seek $150 parcel tax

February 23, 2010
It's telling that these CUSD Parcel Tax votes are never scheduled for November general elections, but instead for elections where fewer voters are expected to turn out.

Photo: Coastside Land Trust raptor tour

March 04, 2009
Alvaro Jamarillo's talk before the walk was also exceptional. Many thanks to everyone who helped set this up.

Coastsider’s Town Hall is open

October 08, 2006
I want to thank The Social Concerns Prayer Group, a newly formed group at the Methodist Church, for blitzing the community with showings of An Inconvenient Truth. My 11 year old daughter and I went to the last showing, last night, and were much more inspired, and much less depressed, than I had expected to be. I've written a blog entry about our experience. -- Emily Berk

Coastsider endorses Measure S

June 05, 2006
Barry: Speaking as a parent who tried for years to just make the schools an acceptable place for my children, I'd like to suggest that you have this backwards. FIRST, we need to get rid of the corrupt politicians who have been running this district into the ground for years. THEN, we vote to give money the ones who will run the district in an acceptable manner money. -- Emily Barry wrote: ...I’ve been critical of our school board in the past. If you don’t like the way they’ve been running the…

CUSD superintendent Bayless is a finalist for a job in Massachusetts

February 05, 2005
Yes, in my experience, this happens when Dr. Bayless decides he'd like CUSD to raise his salary. It was helpful that the "rumor" mentioned a dollar figure. Guess our very financially strapped district will have to pony up more that $160,000 per year in Bayless' upcoming contract, huh?