Comments by David Lee

Representative Tom Lantos dies

February 17, 2008
Well, Kevin, you can start with BART to the airport and Devil's Slide -- two big ticket items, and ones in which Tom was able to secure funding in both Democratic and Republican-controlled Congresses alike. Of course, you also can't forget multiple expansions of GGNRA (most recently Rancho Corral de Tierra), which Tom pushed through the House. He was a huge supporter of environmental protection throughout San Mateo County -- and around the country, as evidenced by his 100% ratings from the Sierra…

Senator Yee proposes naming Devil’s Slide tunnel after Tom Lantos

January 11, 2008
Thanks, Leland. This is a worthy tribute to a great man.

Letter: Name the tunnel after Tom Lantos?

January 05, 2008
Wonderful suggestion! Tom Lantos championed Devil's Slide, and fought to fund the tunnel in both Democratic and Republican-controlled Congresses. (Ditto BART expansion.) Even more important, Tom has brought honor to San Mateo County as a leader and a statesman. He fights for our interests -- and our values, too, as the foremost fighter for human rights ever to walk the halls of Congress. Here's hoping that Tom fights cancer with the same success that he fought for us. David Lee