Comments by Howard Lieberman

Scott Singer… we’ll miss you.

November 08, 2009
Scott was a musical phenomena who could read, improvise, compose and pull people together, as he will again this afternoon at his home where family and friends will gather. Scott was unfailingly positive and idealistic. He jumped into life all of the way every moment, and lived 110% through the full range of emotions mirroring this in his compositions, performances and parties. And he did this even when suffering the inevitable slings and misfortunes of living fully. He was open and honest and forthright…

Supervisor Gordon suggests MCC has “outlived its usefulness”

January 29, 2008
Howard here - regarding how representation from different geographies could help - I would refer you to the United States legislature - seems like a reasonable model to follow. Unfortunately incorporation would probably take a long time - on the order of a decade and without the ability to have a convergent political conversation it is unlikely. The steps would have to begin with some representative body with adequate rapport and maturity to make decisions, stay focused and lead meaningful community…

Supervisor Gordon suggests MCC has “outlived its usefulness”

January 27, 2008
Hi this is Howard Lieberman an ex-MCC member. With so many comments it is hard to address specific ones but some general thoughts: 1) In my opinion the MCC has now run its course and yes I do think that most qualified people would not want to touch it with a ten foot pole. And I am qualified to say this. The one exception is Neil who is courageous for trying to right the wrongs but having been there myself will have a hard time dealing with irrational and inconclusive meetings. Clay from the Review…