Comments by Donald Sheardown

Clay shoots down Farm Bureau/Beautification Committee, icon

July 25, 2010
"I am very much looking forward to that education" -Clay Lambert Editor of the Review. Oh! I get it! It was just a simple case of "ignorance of the law", that Clay didn't get it long (4 years) before now....... Hmmm I wonder who Clay will have to throw under the wheels this week? to distance himself from breaking the #1 Rule in journalism -"Don't become part of your story" Na! Terry couldn't be anything to do with "some kind of holdover from the Dolores reign"...could it?

Please support fireworks on the Coastside in 2011

July 21, 2010
Sabrina, makes a valid point. In this day and age of.miss spent funds, We share your concerns. To the best of my knowledge the people involved in ALCP. fundraiser are 'squeaky clean!' They will do everything they can to create the biggest Bang for the $'s With the maximum "transparency" Telling kids "There's no fireworks on the coast this year" is like telling them Santa clause is skipping the coast this year.

Book signings for “Love Each Day” by Gail Bernice Holland, Sat Aug 15

August 17, 2009
Wow! A book that really works. Thanks Gail.