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Scouts holding annual food drive for local Food Bank this weekend

November 19, 2011
I wanted to follow up my earlier note to say that today the Scouts of Pack and Troop 255 and 263 (and a couple Girl Scout Troops, too!) collected almost 4000 lbs of food donated by our friends and neighbors of the Coastside. This is way, way up from last year's collection and it couldn't have come at a better time. We also collected 31 pairs of eyeglasses in need of new homes. The food is now safely sorted and stored at Coastside Hope where it will provide support for our neighbors in need. I want…

CUSD rolls back facility fees

October 22, 2010
Oh, I don't think it was at all punitive, that's not being fair to the Board. CUSD is in desperate straits, financially-speaking, and they were just doing what they could to keep programs within the schools funded. Now that they have a little more breathing room they're being good partners with the community and rolling back the rate increases which had truly unintended negative consequences. With the District still running a structural deficit of more than $1 million they were within their rights…

New Cub Scout Pack in Half Moon Bay

September 17, 2010
And, by way of an update, Pack 263 had their first Pack Meeting on Wednesday night at the Methodist Church in HMB and is now off and running. Anyone interested in joining Cub Scouts in either HMB or anywhere else on the Coastside can call me at 728-5028 and I can tell you about the two Packs we have on the Coast.

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 10, 2009
Mind you, I'm a dreamer and I know it but I would dearly love to see an underpass in Moss Beach, similar to the one that allows people to walk under Alpine Road up at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. That underpass is made from a great big culvert and is big enough to let 3 or 4 people walk side by side under the road. I know it'd be a horrible disruption to HWY 1 while it was installed but I think the idea bears looking at.

Coastsiders invited to Community Day at Pilarcitos Quarry, Saturday

September 24, 2009
Open house at the Quarry is Saturday, Sept 26, from 11-2.

Full-volume tsunami siren test Wednesday

September 01, 2009
Supervisor Gordon's office responded and explained that Montara is not deemed to be at sufficient risk to get a warning siren, we're not a low lying area. They did tell me about a service called SMC Alert, though, whereby the sheriff's office will send you a text message if there's an emergency and that seems like a good thing to know about. Now if only cell phones worked better in Montara....

Full-volume tsunami siren test Wednesday

September 01, 2009
Reading this article it struck me as odd that Montara doesn't have one of these warning sirens, despite the fact that our school is the evacuation point for several areas. I guess maybe the point is that we're high enough above sea level to not need a siren? I wrote to Rich Gordon (our County Supervisor) to ask if there were plans for Moss Beach and Montara to get the sirens and will let folks know if I get a response.

Video: Full video of Jackie Speier’s health care town hall

August 25, 2009
Judging by the people interviewed before and after the event and from the folks who were parked up and down Third Street the very large majority of attendees were not from the Coastside, most were from over the hill. And judging by the pro-reform organizer who was standing in our driveway on Third Street directing "her" people on where to park together for safety, the reports of right-wing activists attempting to flood the meeting resulted in pro-reform activists doing precisely the same thing. So…

Photos: Archeology of Montara, AD 1500

April 13, 2009
Thanks for posting this. My son and I went for a hike on Montara Friday night and noted the trucks, tents and archaeology gear at that landing and we were wondering what was up. Unfortunately between baseball and Easter we didn't get out on the mountain this weekend to see the actual dig in progress. Nice to see the pictures, though. One day last summer while hiking to the top of the mountain I met some folks who were asking about some petroglyphs that were supposed to exist on some rock faces high…

Coffee with the Cunha Intermediate School Principal, Friday

March 12, 2009
Thanks, Barry, positive comments are certainly reassuring. All of the detractors I referred to do not have kids at Cunha so I'm very honestly trying to understand why some folks are down on the school. My kids will almost certainly end up going there, we can't afford private school and we're unlikely to move in the next few years.

Coffee with the Cunha Intermediate School Principal, Friday

March 12, 2009
Boy, this could be an inflammatory message so right off the bat I'm going to encourage people to feel free to respond in email to tpmcgee {at} if you would like to respond but fear commenting in public. (I hope that's permissible, Barry) We have 2 (next year it will be 3) kids at Farallone View school in Montara. I've been noticing for the last couple years that most of our friends who have kids in elementary school have frequently said that as soon as their kids reach middle school…

CalTrans update on Tunnels and other Hwy 1 issues, at MCC Wednesday

February 24, 2009
I know I'm just being juvenile and the big puddle really should be dealt with but I just have to say that I love it when it rains and I can drive through that big splooshy puddle and spray water all over. It's been the highlight of my day on several days recently. I guess that doesn't speak so well for the rest of my days ...

Understanding Big Wave: Lots of parking

February 10, 2009
Holy Cow! 6 acres of parking? Are you sure this shouldn't be called Gargantuan Wave?

Only Los Angeles and San Francisco spent more on lobbying than HMB

February 09, 2009
I would add one more word to Tim's excellent list: Election I would hope that irresponsible behavior and/or poor choices would be rewarded in the next election cycle.

Park Service meeting on Rancho Corral de Tierra plan, Thurs Jan 29

January 16, 2009
The question of dog walking is one that I would encourage you to follow up on. In my experience dealing with a fairly large number of public land managers dogs are usually excluded from any land use policy in which they are not expressly listed as being included. It would be a shame to lose access to the meadows for dog-walking purposes.

POST adds three Coastside properties

January 12, 2009
I'm particularly pleased that POST is buying the connector properties that will allow users to move between public spaces. I do worry, though, about the number of times that we hear that POST has acquired one of the largest properties remaining on the coast. Sometimes it seems as though tiny in-holdings will be all that's left to the private property holders.

Open space being used to grow marijuana in Santa Clara County

December 03, 2008
Deb, Thank you for you comments but I think you may have incorrectly assumed that I am not aware of the arguments for legalizing marijuana. I am very well aware of the arguments on both sides of the issue, you and I just happen to have reached different conclusions. You have convincingly argued that alcohol should be tightly controlled and that marijuana should be available as a last ditch medication for patients with no other recourse. Those things can be readily accomplished without legalizing…

Open space being used to grow marijuana in Santa Clara County

November 29, 2008
Based on the previous respondents views I guess I'd have to admit that I am closed-minded and stupid about this drug and I am glad that it is illegal and that law enforcement officers are going after the growers. I participated in cleaning up several plots in Castle Rock State Park and would happily help clean out other plots.

Cecily Harris defeats incumbent for MRSOD board

November 06, 2008
In the very small world of MROSD elections I think this is pretty big and pretty good news. I'm not entirely sure but I *think* this is the first time that an incumbent MROSD Board member has been beaten in an election. Some people in the mountain biking community have high hopes that Cecily will be more open-minded toward multiple use than some of the past Board members have been.

Letter: Montara Mountain Lovers, please leash your dogs

September 30, 2008
I hike Montara Mountain very frequently after work, especially in the months when the sun sets later. It's quite common for me to be greeted on the trail by a dog that is off leash and my experience with the dogs and owners has been very mixed. Like everyone who complains about bad pet owners, I feel compelled to say first that I love dogs. I work in an office where we have a dozen or more dogs at work on any given day. I'm incredibly comfortable with just about any dog I meet. Most of the dogs I…

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