Comments by Amy Tezza

Parvovirus on Coast

July 07, 2010
I wonder if someone is trying to keep dogs off the trail and using parvo as scare tactics

Measure E passes with 70.7% of vote

June 13, 2010
The fact that there was no opposing statement in the voter booklet was very telling; people can whine and groan but that doesn't work as a convincing argument. And without writing and publishing a coherent and convincing opposition stance (sometimes it's all I read prior to voting; I know I should be do better but I'm also sure I am not alone in this) it's hard to feel as though there was much effort applied from the "No on E" faction other than ranting on "Talkabout" What a relief; I remember the…

Coastsider endorses Measure E

May 21, 2010
Thanks for your comments Barry; my husband and I moved to the Coastside 12 years ago and have the utmost respect and admiration for the schools and the teachers. Ms Weber of course has been a wonderful, thoughtful and supportive counsellor for my boys. All through Cunha and Farallone View we have been overwhelmed by the dedication and high quality of the teachers and support staff. It's painful to hear that so many good folks (like Amy Rhoades and Eric Denault among other wonderful educators we have…

Adopt a fantastic cat

May 19, 2010
Sinbad needs to be an indoor kitty only; if he was out on a boat the space restriction should not be an issue; correct? Used to small spaces I would assume. A house has to be bigger than a boat; I am sure he would be fine without "in and out" on a "large property" And how does one keep cats confined to "large property"? "In and out" means dead birds; possibly dead kitty who ends up "sleeping" on Highway One.

Sam’s Chowder House Hosts Fundraiser Supporting the Big Wave Project

March 13, 2010
You don't want BIg Wave to be built and so you disapprove of this fundraiser. Is this the sort of comment you are fishing for? Or we should just send the comments directly to Sam's? I saw that you gave Sam's a one star "rating" in Yelp because the owners are hosting this fundraiser and I think that's a pretty lousy thing to do (especially since you apparently like the food). Most people assume the ratings have to do with the quality of a business and not the politics/ leanings of the owners So no,…

Pacifica examines widening part of Hwy 1 to six lanes

March 12, 2010
I think Barbara Kossy's observation is spot on; this is my daily commute and on non school mornings it's not a problem but it can take over fifteen minutes to get through Pacifica during rush hour on school days. Sometimes people ask me if the commute to SF from Moss Beach will be shorter after the tunnel (a common misperception from those that don't live here) and the truth is that unless "the Slide" is closed the wait in traffic in Pacifica is the only major hang up in my commute. A study on the…

CUSD “pink slip” list released

April 04, 2009
Barry is right; if you know someone on this list it certainly drives home the ruthless and mindless nature of these cuts. WIthout Katherine Weber I don't think one of my sons (who had trouble adjusting to middle school initially) would still be at Cunha; she takes real interest in the students and is terrifically warm and involved. She feels like the heart of that school to me and I am sure to many others. I know many parents and students who would feel bereft without her presence there. I certainly…

Mountain lion sighted at Ocean and Bernal in Moss Beach

November 18, 2008
Bobcats are a lot smaller than cougars; it would be more likely to confuse a dog for a lion. I had heard the rumors about a mountain lion in the same area about a month ago. I'd like to know if anyone knows the procedure if one is confirmed. Calling 911 for a mountain lion sighting? That hardly sounds like an emergency to me unless one is being actively stalked in which case I would advocate throwing your cell phone at the lion, make yourself look as big as you can and no running.

Mountain lion sighted at Ocean and Bernal in Moss Beach

November 17, 2008
If we notify the sheriff they will track and shoot the lion; correct? That seems to be what happens elsewhere on the Pennisula