Comments by Martha Cravens

Montara Residents Needed for Corral de Tiera Subcommittee

January 08, 2011
Hi Bill, Have you received responses to this? I am unaware of this -- thanks - Martha

Followup: Savannah cat in Montara

September 06, 2010
OK, this is NOT Bubba in Montara! WOW!

African Hybrid Cat (Savannah) Roaming in Montara

August 26, 2010
One of our neighborhood cats here at 9th and Farallone is "Bubba" who looks like this and does sport a blue collar with bell. He is quite friendly and approachable, and has also gotten into at least one fight; he is a scrapper. But he seems to be just a regular cat...?

Chart: Route 17 ridership is growing

August 04, 2009
This is a valuable service, and I will be working Thursday eve. How can I express my support in keeping this route in place?

Thanks Carlos, HMB UPS Store

July 13, 2009
Professional, friendly, and really and truly helpful - I go out of my way to bring my business here!

Photo: Back in the kitchen at Mavericks Roadhouse

June 17, 2009
We took out some burgers and fish tacos from the new Roadhouse last Saturday, and it was definitely THE BEST burger I have ever had, and I am picky! It was delicious, and so cool that it's within walking distance. I give it a RAVE review!

Free community breakfast every Thursday in HMB

April 29, 2009
Sounds great - direct giving to the community. Ok for non-affiliated people to contribute, especially by volunteering?

Letter: Delicious food at 7th Street Montara—locals’ discounts, too

March 20, 2009
I like the local focus and support, and enjoy reading how we are all getting creative and innovative during these times!

Terry Disley Experience featuring Mads Tolling, Sunday at the Bach

January 14, 2009
oops -- NOW i see 'sunday' in the headline -thx!

Terry Disley Experience featuring Mads Tolling, Sunday at the Bach

January 14, 2009
What is the date of this snazzy event?

Photos: Opening Day at New Leaf

June 20, 2008
Yes, it is wonderful to have such a great shopping experience in HMB. And, especially delightful to see such lovely displays of my two fave vitamin 'c's: chocolate and cheese. happy shopping!

New Leaf begins construction, plans to open at Albertson’s site in June

February 28, 2008
I heard that a New Leaf will also be sprouting in Pacifica - in the PAC gym space in that shopping center at with NorCal, Nona's, etc(they will be moving to the Dollar Store space next to the Log Shop on Crespi in March). Anyone know anything about that?

Field Notes: Coastside Farmers Market

August 11, 2007
Erin, Sounds great! And I was just fiddling about, trying to remember when/where the Farmers' Markets are -- wonderful timing. I'm looking forward to fresh awakenings at the markets.

Opinion: SamTrans sneaks bus route onto Montara neighborhood streets

July 05, 2007
Hi Mark, We received a mailer (Boxholder in Montara) last week about this new service. It had two free tickets and read: - - - - - - - - Coastside residents: The Coastside Transportation Committee want to welcome you aboard the new expanded SanTrans Route 17 service. We're inviting you to try the service - for FREE! Route 17 now serves Montara, has Sunday service and has expanded hours of operation until 9pm. We're so convinced that you'll enjoy the service that we're offering you two FREE tickets…

Darin’s Monday Photo: Bat star at Fitzgerald Marine Preserve, Moss Beach

January 09, 2007
Ok for anyone to submit photos?

A note to the readers on objectivity and Coastsider

October 15, 2006
Hey, Barry, thanks for mentioning "transparency" -- what a great concept for communicating and living -- Martha

Travel times on Highway 1 are now available

May 31, 2006
Yahoo! This was a big help, and spang on timing this morning at 7:10am.

Highway 92 travel times are now online

May 24, 2006
While possibly helpful, what would really rock would be a travel time link between Montara and HMB -- where I seem to be spending h..o..u..r..s lately. I went to the website and made that request in the 'suggestion' area.