Comments by Mark Massara

Supervisors approve LCP Update

November 16, 2006
Don: I haven't read the entire LCP submittal, however: couldn't one or more of the parcels on the Burnham Strip just be combined in order to meet the min. requirements of the proposed LCP revisions thus "creating" a parcel of sufficient size to meet the standard and be developed with a house?

CCF asks Coastal Commission 25 questions

June 14, 2006
Can someone explain what/who "Coastside Community First" is? That title seems awfully strange in association with someone pushing a road development project through wetlands. Anyway, it might be useful to present such a letter and request for information from a public agency as opposed to a lobby group, if that is what CCF is. Chris Kerns is an extremely busy man, handling coastal development projects over several NorCal counties. It is all he can do to try to respond to actual genuine development…

Big Wave project gets its first public hearing

June 09, 2006
This project sounds great. Have they considered adding a ferris wheel and perhaps a miniture golf course? Kids would love those amenities, and if they were built on raised caisons above the wetlands, youngsters could peer down into the muck while recreating in order to be able to experience what wetlands in the California coastal zone used to look like.

Video: HMB City Council’s “Tuesday Night Meltdown”

March 05, 2006
I suppose it is now clear that the failure to re-elect City Council member Mike Ferreira is going to adversely impact and affect HMB for....a long time to come. It seems like Deja Vu to me. HMB used to be a laughstock little community, wayward and backward in planning and lack of respect for it's glorious coastal resources, where the good ol' boys and girls approved project after lame project only to see them repeatedly denied by the Coastal Commission. Then, for a few short years sanity prevailed.…

Review incorrectly blames “environmental litigation” for Wavecrest delays

January 11, 2006
One more thing: From the outset, from the very beginning of the wavecrest saga, the Coastal Commission staff in SF sent letters to the City, the school district and the Wavecrest developers suggesting that the school project be separated out from the housing and commercial parts of the project and that the school could be approved by the Coastal Commission quickly. Those letters and recommendations, and the failure of the developer and the school to separate their projects, showed the entire project…

Coastal Commission moves to protect Pacifica Bowl in unanimous 9-0 vote

December 31, 2005
Thank you for covering and reprinting this story. It is, I believe, one of the most important stories going on the San Mateo coastside- along with seawall proliferation, monster mansions, traffic, small lot development and parks and presevation efforts! Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who attended the hearing to get their perspective. Seems to me like the developer has a severely misguided strategy - aided no doubt by self-interested pro-development lawyers and possibly negligent…

Half Moon Bay golf course will remove controversial seawall

June 10, 2005
All: I would like to thank Mr. Bruce Russell and Ocean Colony Partners for their willingness to remove this seawall and for their willingness to consider a strategic retreat solution at this location. Thanks also to Mr. Barry Parr for reporting on this positive development. One question: right now, as I understand it, OCP's have agreed to remove the rocks placed in 1998 as well as part of the concrete slad underlying in the golf green. We are assuming that this will result in removal of all the rocks…

Coastal Commission protects agriculture, but sacrifices habitat, in monster house decision

June 06, 2005
No coments? I am to assume that everyone, including the lucky attorney's, paid lobbyists and developers who pulled this are all in agreement that they robbed all Californians of precious public trust resources? Are we all in agreement that the Coastal Commission obviously fell down on the job, violated the Coastal Act and that anyone who brings a lawsuit to vacate these illegal approvals will win? Guess so.... mm