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Video:  HMB City Council replaces planning commissioner, introduces restructuring

September 13, 2007
I have a great deal of respect for Linda Poncini and her contribution to the City as a Commissioner. Are there any Cities in the Bay Area that have Commissioners with concurrent terms who will be replaced if their appointer either retires or resigns? If you are appointed for a "term" of time you are only really committed to serve as long as the City Council member wishes or remains in office,as I understand it. Thank you Kevin for all of the hard work and homework. Kevin understood CEQA better than…

CCWD director sends anonymous hate mail to HMB planning commissioner

September 04, 2007
Chris road by our home in HMB on his bike and noticed me on the deck. He shouted out "Lani Ream-is this where you live?" When I answered "yes" he yelled back "now I know where you live and where to find you". He obviously enjoys what he considers intimidation but this newest behavior should put him beyond his elected position. lani ream

Why can’t the Review be objective about the Pilarcitos Creek park site?

June 26, 2007
Debra describes her article as reading "like a fairy tale" in her editorial, hence my reference to it. I also want to point out that San Mateo paid $6.1 million for the Mirada Surf property. I can't remember how large it was but there were/are environmental issues there also. lani ream

Why can’t the Review be objective about the Pilarcitos Creek park site?

June 23, 2007
First, it would be polite,for the City to communicate with POST concerning the loan which currently gives HMB "ownership" of the land. Then look to a phased park implementation plan, start with some trails, picnic area, clean the site and plant beautiful plants and trees. It is the Gateway to the City. Then move onto a time frame for the most needed aspects while the community continues to have use. I trust that not just Mike but all of the former City Council members were part of the approval process…

When did the minimum become sufficient?

June 18, 2007
Brian, if you want to bring in 144 Kelly, and I'm not sure how that relates to giving adequate notice of special meetings, I would first go back to Certificates of Compliance and lot line adjustments which involved City Staff for the development of the Ocean Shore Railroad Right of Way. When no sewer permits were available (the SAM plant was being built) somehow there were several for the newly formed lots, that goes for water too. Then the City Public Works Director brought forth her plans to develope…

The Review’s publisher is confused about park financing, democracy

June 16, 2007
John and Jule, where to begin to praise them for all that they do and have done for the City and the Coastside. Padre has a special place in my heart and I'm not surprised that he is out on the sidewalks with a petition to save a City park. I would say drawing Debra's attention is the strongest form of flattery and confirmation that he is doing the right thing. lani ream

Video:  HMB City Council on administrative CDP, SAM capital budget, Casa del Mar frontage no-parking

May 15, 2007
Can someone give me an overview of the Repeal of Administrative CDP. For some reason I couldn't get the video to play and the text was too small for these old eyes. lani ream

What does Nimby really mean?

October 03, 2006
The first time a group of neighbors in Miramar appeared at the San Mateo Board of Supervisors meeting to appeal a manufactured home on a sub-standard lot with a huge tree and no public hearing, a Realtor called us NIMBYS. I remember thinking that if you don't care about what is happening in your own back yard then who is going to care. If you love your home, want the best for the Coastside to maintain and enhance the beauty which surrounds you I guess you/I earn that label. The one thing I do know…

Letter: The real story of the parking permit appeal

September 17, 2006
The Preferencial Parking ordinance has been before the Commission for a number of years. The California Coastal Commission would not allow adjacent neighborhoods to have restrictive hours which would be consistent with the State Park parking( i.e. Sunset to 8am) hence the length of time to work out an agreement which might be acceptable. Whatever the reasons for "deleting" the portion of the ordinance which would have been applicable to all vulnerable neighborhoods thoughout the City is both short…

Environmentalists didn’t kill Measure S

August 06, 2006
Wow, this was a long thread to read through but significant. Mary's letter to the HMB Review reminded me of a trip to the front office of the Review in 1999 with my good friend and neighbor Shirley. We were looking up old notifications for the Guerrero Ave paper street and it took quite a while. We overheard the publisher admonishing Ben (can't remember his last name) to label groups correctly in his articles. If mentioning Jerry Donovan or Naomi he was to refer to them as "Community minded" not…

HMB Planning Director Liebster resigns

July 09, 2006
Richard, "dirty work", "ethics"? If I'm not mistaken the City Council and the Planning Department of HMB requested an EIR (Environmental Impact Report)for the the El Granada Pipe Line and CCWD continued to assert that a negative declaration was all that was necessary. I believe the California Coastal Commission agreed with the City and the appeal of the project. My own motivation as a Commissioner was never to stop growth or bend ethics to meet some individual agenda but to follow a plan for growth…

City will add agriculture to Boys and Girls Club lease

June 21, 2006
David Cline,- realtor involved with the Certificates of Compliance, sewer permits, transfers of water permits and lot-line adjustments which began the development of the Ocean Shore Railroad Right of Way. How does anyone try to justify that type of "grading" of a property which is only leased from the City? It is always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission which would require a biological assessment of the site. lani ream

David Gorn resigns from HMB City Council

June 15, 2006
POST does not purchase land within an urban boundary. 144 Kelly is a part of the Ocean Shore Railroad Right of Way which does not have a single house on it from Santa Rosa to Ocean Colony. You can stand at Sweetwood Park (across from Frenchmen's Creek) and look south along an uninterrupted span of open space, part of which is the Coastside Trail. lani ream

HMB City Council does the right thing (and gets same result)

March 25, 2006
The number of Commissioners is only as important as the City feels is a workable/representative number, however, when the proposal is to reduce the number (thereby eliminating two people)AND making the terms concurrent the proposal is evident. The then seated Commission is restructured by five out of seven and reflective of the "new" majority. This is why Cities throughout the Bay area do NOT have concurrent terms. With expiring staggered terms the make up of the Commission does change to reflect…

HMB City Council does the right thing (and gets same result)

March 23, 2006
Barry, I can't seem to download the interviews but I would like to know more about the "interesting patterns" which emerged. I know this will be your opinion but it is helpful in understanding the choices. I'm happy to see Linda return with her knowledge and environmental committment. lani

HMB City Council interviews are likely to be a charade, says McClung

March 14, 2006
I still feel it is important to go through the "Charade". When we interviewed in 1998 we were all sure that Betty would nominate Mike Ferreira, and she did, but the process at least gave Betty Stone some thought.She let Toni Taylor know that had she not chosen Mike she would have chosen Toni. Several months later she nominated her to a position vacated by Dick Curtis. The public has a right to be present and to hear the questions as well as the answers. There are terms that will end in December of…

HMB City Council violated its own procedures in selecting planning commission

March 07, 2006
When you click on the image to downlad a copy of the original 1998 resolution the bottom of the second page appears to be missing or obscured. I think it might refer to the term of the Commissioner who is replacing an existing Commissioner which is very relevant in light of the entirenewly appointed Commission taking over existing terms. They should not change from what was already in place and become concurrent with the newly elected City Council terms. lani ream

Memorial: Shirley Brey

March 07, 2006
Shirley, one of Rich and my best friends, will be in our hearts forever. She was one of the most dedicated Moms and Grandmas that I know, loving every wonderful event in her family. She was, as her grandson John said, "the funny bunny boss of her life". The world seems emptier without her. lani ream

Video: HMB City Council’s “Tuesday Night Meltdown”

March 05, 2006
Had Naomi, Marina and Bonnie voted to change the ordinance to reduce the Commission to five (as Naomi pointed out in the video was what she had wanted) and change the terms to be concurrent with the elections of the City Council ( the only community in the entire Bay Area to have that adjustment) the citizens of Half Moon Bay could have had a voice through a referendum. This would have given the above three a choice of putting the proposed change before the voters or placing the change on the "table"…

Must-See MCTV: City Council détente breaks down

February 25, 2006
I forgot to add that the way I read the transcript of what happened at the meeting Naomi, Marina and Bonnie each chose their preferred Commissioner and then also made both choices for the at-large seats and vetoed Jim Grady's choice. So they made five selections of the seven Commissioners and overrode one. I thought the "Compomise" included a choice of one at large for each faction thereby giving four Commissioner chosen by the majority and three from the minority. Is there anyone who thinks this…

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