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Must-See MCTV: City Council détente breaks down

February 24, 2006
This is what I remember from 1999 when I joined the Planning Commission. In 1997 there was an interview process for the vacant seat of Lisa Randolf who resigned prior to the Referendum when Staff stopped sending her packets. All those who filed a "willingness to serve" form were interviewed in front of the Council. I think Larry Kaye was there with a few other members of the public. Mike Ferriera was chosen as a direct appointment of Betty Stone's. When Dick Curtis left Toni Taylor was appointed…

Moon Bay in El Granada is closed to make way for new restaurant

January 28, 2006
Moon Bay was the Depot for the Ocean Shore Railroad. Look at its location in terms of the right-of-way.

HMB City Council compromises on Planning Commission

January 29, 2006
I just read Dave Gorn's opinion piece in the Review. I served over five years on the Commission and nearly everyone currently serving has served almost as much or more. Marina used the term "volunteer" which, of course, is what the position is, however what she didn't say was that it takes anywhere from ten to twenty hours every two weeks to do the job and that doesn't include sub-committee work such as the Mobile Home Zoning Designation etc. I never thought the Commission should be placed as a pawn…

HMB City Council compromises on Planning Commission

January 19, 2006
So the entire Commission "resigns" and who knows who then becomes the "new" Planning Commission? It seems to me that this is no compromise but a way to get around changing the ordinance to avoid a Referendum. Everything in the data supplied supports staggered terms and a politically segregated Commission but the action being proposed does anything but that. New people taking over existing terms? New people starting new with concurrent terms to the new City Council because they were appointed in Jan…

Debate heats up on proposal to restructure HMB Planning Commission

January 14, 2006
The Review has an article about the cost of a Referendum to the City. It seems to me, and I might have forgotten the whole option from 1997, but, a Referendum either "tables" the ordinance change for a minimum of a year or it must go to the voters if the City Council votes to continue with the ordinance change. The Planning Commission remains in place until either one happens. I hope no one resigns until that decision is made. In 1997 one Commissioner failed to receive her bi-weekly packets and she…

Debate heats up on proposal to restructure HMB Planning Commission

January 11, 2006
I think Kerry Burke was a hired consultant for Wiley Johnson and a project on San Andrea Ave in Miramar. The Planning Commission turned the project down and so did the City Council for a variety of reasons. The City went to court to defend a law suit and won the decision. One of the issues was the setback from Public Recreation boundaries as well as Proportionality. As to Naomi being "upfront" I would say that in her analysis she is being as clear as she wants to be. What can you say when you retire…

Photo:  Protest over planning commission at Half Moon Bay City Hall

January 14, 2006
Brian, I love math like this! Considering the fact that Naomi was the top vote getter by 284 votes over the next individual (Jim Grady)- if you add that margin to any other statistic it will skew the results. But, just for fun, lets point out that she exceeded Muteff by 595 and McClung by 377. Eight votes is all that separates the shift in the majority and that is a statistic that is evident. As to Commissioners Freer, Lansing, Kellenberger, Falcone and McCathy , their competence and who will "take…

Letter: Ferreira says “Let’s give Bonnie McClung a chance”

January 03, 2006
Don't know about you Mike but retiring "at large" Commissioners and creating concurrent terms with City Council members seems pretty radical to me. Half Moon Bay can have the award for being the only community in the Bay Area with direct appointments and concurrent terms. To have that action be the first for this newly elected council is dramatically political, in my opinion.lani ream

HMB City Council pushes ahead with HMB Planning Commission restructuring

January 08, 2006
It has occured to me that I saw a "thread" which stated that former City Council members had tried to "shove a Park down the throat of Cypress Cove" homeowners. Even here in Florida I hear rumblings of the new majority's desire to sell off public property for development and profit for the City. Didn't Marina vote "no" on the Conservation Easement for 144 Kelly Ave(part of the Railroad Right of Way)? If that was to happen the Planning Commission would be the first place for approval of any type of…

HMB City Council pushes ahead with HMB Planning Commission restructuring

January 04, 2006
Good idea but they won't listen, or at least that was my experience in 1997. We were so innocent in our perspective that we thought we could shed some light on other communities and they might reconsider. Not even close. However standing up and speaking is a privledge we our honored to have in this country and using it helps inform the public. lani ream

HMB City Council pushes ahead with HMB Planning Commission restructuring

December 28, 2005
Parks? Where are the Parks and Recreation areas approved by Naomi after years on the Council? The roads were the worst in the Bay Area and that is a supportable statement. I just saw a recent survey and while you say half were five members, half are 7. None, None are concurrent with City Council terms. None are directly appointed by one City Council member only but are appointed by majority. Ten years ago the "majority" was made up of David Mier of CCWD employment status, John Sullivan, Bob Hansen,…

Letter: Deja vu—Newly-elected Council members take aim at HMB Planning Commission

December 20, 2005
A valid question to ask the Council members who would resign the "at large" Commissioners and change others would be what decisions has the sitting group made which Councilmembers McClung and/or Patridge disagree with. I hope someone asks them to shed light on why they are taking this action. Shouldn't there be some explanation for such a major action? If the objective is a "pro-development" Commission then have the courage to clearly state it. lani ream

Coastal Commission staff spanks Midcoast LCP update

December 06, 2005
What a breath of fresh air! The recommendations of the California Coastal Commission staff point to mandatory lot merger where non-conforming lots occur. In additon they are not to be exempted from the Coastal Development review and proportionality is also recommended. These lots and second units are to be included in the overall buildout projected numbers, not set aside. All of the discussion over where infrastructure improvements belong is clearly, in the letter, within the process of proposed…

McClung leads Ferreira by 15 votes and McKimmie leads King by 5; totals may still be incomplete

November 20, 2005
Could someone redefine "provisional" ballots for me? Do you have to deliver them yourself to the precent? Can someone fill one out for you and take it in? Can absentee ballots also be provisional ballots? lani ream

Patridge, Grady, and Ferreira elected to HMB City Council

November 15, 2005
"The 92/Nurseryman’s park is going to be a colassal waste of time and money. It may never get built due to traffic/noise concerns - I have a feeling that many people are banking on it just sitting empty for a long time." Did you post this? Is this your opinion? Yes I have heard of Cypress Cove. Yes, I understand that there are people who don't want a City Park. Whoever you are, just to identify myself, I was a Planning Commissioner for the City for five years. I'm still mystified at the point of…

Patridge, Grady, and Ferreira elected to HMB City Council

November 15, 2005
The Vested Tentative Maps had no "limited growth" constraints that I'm aware of. There are many homeowners on Terrace Ave who are going to be impacted by real traffic constraints and noise when Pacific Ridge begins and endures, even in it's much reduced buildout. I'm mystified by anyone who complains about traffic/noise concerns over a City Park. Over half of Half Moon Bay homeowners share the beaches with the world and bginna says there are homeowners who don't want to share an open area with their…

Patridge, Grady, and Ferreira elected to HMB City Council

November 12, 2005
A very interesting question is "why" voters chose Naomi. Did they choose her because of her previous record which included Vested Tentative Maps for Glencree, Beechwood, Pacific Ridge, Wavecrest et. al. which included access along Terrace Ave and grading plans that would have flattened the mesa you see from HWY 1 (this when the certified Local Coastal Program clearly states that is not to happen at this site)? Did they know that she attended the hearing for Pacific Ridge in Morro Bay to support the…

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