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Coastsider now features real estate listings from Trulia

January 25, 2009
Barry, Congratulations on this new addition to your site. I'm a big fan of Trulia's search site and capabilities. In the interest of accuracy, the listings you display on these pages are not "Trulia's listings" as you mention in your piece. The are the listings of the various Brokers and Agents who share their listings with Trulia for use on their search site. It is in everyone's interst that real estate listings get wide exposure online and both Coastsider and Trulia are helping to do that. Thank…

Mountain lion struck in morning commute on Hwy 92

October 14, 2008
That would explain the huge traffic jam East on 92 during the commute. There were several sheriff deputies, a game warden and a news truck on location near the reservoir as well.

HMB settlement gives Keenan 129 houses on Beachwood and Glencree—and more

April 01, 2008
I stand corrected. And here I thought you were referring the trademarked brand of the National Association of Realtors ;-)

HMB settlement gives Keenan 129 houses on Beachwood and Glencree—and more

April 01, 2008
Kevin, I resemble that remark! In light of the settlement: Let's focus on lawyer-bashing rather than Realtor-bashing. Agent Skinner

Tunnel excavation begins Sept 17 with a public event

September 11, 2007
On the bright side, the visual design of the bridge span on the Pacifica side of the tunnel is beginning to take shape and is rather pleasing. It reminds me of some of the better designed concrete spans in Switzerland and Northern Italy.

Letter: Filbert St. crosswalk in the crosshairs

July 29, 2007
I tend to agree with the previous comment. Removal of an established crosswalk that serves a large neighborhood is not the solution.

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 01, 2007
I can hardly think of a less appropriate choice for a local business in our community. At a time when cities across the country have placed a renewed emphasis on a healthy diet, we add a fried chicken chain to our list of regional cuisine.

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

January 24, 2007
What's wrong with this picture? This doesn't sound like the Peet's coffe that I used to frequent in Berkeley in the early 80's.

Who should replace David Gorn?

July 07, 2006
Muteff is no moderate. Speaking from personal experience, I can assure you that his style of "attack politics" will do NOTHING to promote an agenda of moderation and compromise here on the Coastside. While I do not question his dedication, I feel that his communications style is unprofessional, at best.

County stops, and then allows, filling and grading at Big Wave

June 24, 2006
Hey Mary: Get real! Look at the photos, does that look like "farming" equipment to you? Agriculture does not mean growing buildings.

CCF asks Coastal Commission 25 questions

June 14, 2006
If only Mr. Gardner would show this type of energy and enthusiasm towards his elected position on the CUSD, we might see some in improvement int the educational challenges facing our children. As the parent of two children in our school system, I am deeply disappointed and troubled by this apparent lack of focus on the part of Mr. Gardner. What about the kids? What are you going to do, Mr. Gardner, now that Measure S did not pass, to help improve funding and reduce class size in our public schools…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 06, 2006
Finally a bipartisan consensus! TJ's for me too.

Letter: Questions for Supervisors Rich Gordon and Jerry Hill

May 24, 2006
Steve, As one Realtor to another: I beg to differ. Housing prices and valuations here on the coastside are a reflection of wider trends in the SF Bay Area. Show me a builder on the Coastside, Peninsula or SF who is developing single family spec homes for under $1 million and I'll be glad to reconsider. The economics are such that builders need to build larger, more expensive homes to make their profit margins. This is the free market at work and that's fine. Coastside voters passed a growth control…

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 30, 2006
Now that the long weekend is over I might as well get this out of the way and respond to Jerry Steinberg's post from 3:21AM on 5/27/06. While I'm at it I'd also like to comment that late-night email is a particularly ineffective tools for this type of discussion; but so be it. No Jerry, there are no other "typos" in my original post and unless you plan on buying me a new pair of reading glasses I don't need your help reading the Settlement Agreement either. To answer your other questions: If, as…

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 23, 2006
Thank you to Jerry for pointing out the typo in my original post: I was (of course) referring to Pacific Ridge / Ailanto Properties project. My inclusion of Kevin Lansing's original comments was done in order to give some context to Don Bacon's comments about negotiating with developers. Now that we've cleared that the facts: I stand by my original remarks and encourage all interested parties to do do their own research into this issue.

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 22, 2006
Don, I'm glad that you're in favor of City of HMB negotiations and settlements with potential developers. You wrote: "...Foothill could only occur if “hundreds of new homes” are thrown into the deal. That doesn’t have to happen, if the City firmly negotiates with the developers in the interests of its citizenry." This has already been accomplished with Ailanto Properties on the Cypress Ridge project. The developer agreed to a reduction in housing density in exchange for an approval of their…

HMB City Council violated its own procedures in selecting planning commission

March 07, 2006
"Enhance Ecotourism" is listed as as 2006 Priority for the Planning Dept. What's with that? Don't get me wrong, this is an admirable goal for the City as a whole, though I can't see how it falls under the Planning Dept.. Is someone planning to build an eco-tourism theme park/resort/golfcourse/shopping center, or what? Translation please...?

Debate heats up on proposal to restructure HMB Planning Commission

January 11, 2006
I have to admit that I am very disappointed, though not surprised, by the recent turn of event with respect to our new city counil members. The size and constitution of our planning commission was simply not an election issue. Period. It is truly unfortunate that council members Patridge and McClung, who ran a campaign based on openness and accountability, were not more forthcoming with the voters about their real agenda. Why is this a priority? How will our community benefit from these proposed…

Lawsuits were a big theme at Tuesday’s debate

October 26, 2005
You're right on track with your analysis of the argument about legal expenses. Good towns NEED good lawyers. We save money when our law firm defends HMB against special interest groups that don't agree with our land use policies or the wishes of our citizens and community. We save money when our law firm settles litigation before it goes to trial (Wavecrest, for example). Our law firm is our strongest defense and the best way to protect the rights of our community. Cutting our legal budget will actually…

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 23, 2005
In response to HMB Ranger's comments, I'd suggest you spend some time looking at my website if you want to know where I stand. I've spent the past several years involved in local HMB issues related to education, planning, zoning and other coastal hot button topics. My record as an advocate for coastal conservation and controlled growth is well known by the people who've watched or attended those meetings. FYI - I'd rather have an independent thinker than a puppet too, and that's…

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