Comments by Terri Schoenrock Reece

Letter: Coastside Farmers Market field notes

June 08, 2009
Hi All - I grow potatoes too, and like Dennis have a bumper crop on the coastside. I just use organic potatoes, and when they go green on me I plant them. I get potatoes all year round as well!!! This year is a banner crop for peaches for us too. I have never had them work out . . . and the apples are terrific this year too. So peaches, apples, potatoes . . . Weird things from the coastside.

Supervisor Gordon to hold Medical Center town hall meeting in HMB, Monday

March 24, 2009
All - The closure of the clinic has hurt everyone: those who supported the clinic through donations, those of us who saw doctors at the clinic and now have a medical records/care issue, and those of us who were vendors to the clinic and are now left with receivables unpaid. One thing that has been spurred up in these discussions is "business owners" and "chamber members" who allegedly used the clinic to get free healthcare for workers. My husband and I are business owners. We provide benefits to…

Field Notes: Coastside Farmer’s Market opens Saturday

May 03, 2008
Thank you Erin, and all the certified farmers who take their time to come to the market. What a wonderful day! Amazing foods from all over, amazing music, great people to talk to, and loads to look at, taste, buy and do! I am so very thankful it is market time again. Terri

Recycle your e-waste Saturday in HMB at the Coastside Farmer’s Market

September 15, 2007
We have a lot to be grateful for in HMB - the environment, the sun, the surf, the gorgeous coastline, mountains and views. And the people. This Saturday was another gorgeous day at the Coastside Farmers Market - the usual great people with an added attraction. An eWaste recycling event that was an enormous success, and showed how great the people of Half Moon Bay (and the greater coastside) really are. The new count is not yet in, but it looks like 3.5-4 tons of eWaste were collected at this recycling…

Back-to-School Confidential

September 07, 2007
Oh man. I am a mom of adult children now, 23 and almost 22. And this still brings back so many memories! Good luck all you parents with young kids. Don't try to be too perfect. Believe me, when they're in their 20's, they will NOT remember a single heart sandwich. They will just remember if you loved them, gave them reasonable boundaries, and were there.

Opinion: CUSD should address school traffic

July 10, 2006
Bravo Tim. This is a set of ideas who's time is more than late in coming. So great that I wish I had thought of these years ago. I have been cursing this situation, slide up or down, for the 20+ years I have been on the coast (and carted kids too and from school). It's difficult to organize this as a parent, as much as you have good intentions, with work schedules and your children's school and after school schedules all trying to vie for your attention. Traffic at all schools has been a long time…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 07, 2006
Putting my vote in for Whole Foods here.

Caltrans will blast loose debris from the cliffs early next week

April 08, 2006
Coastsider - I have been coming here several times a day for news. Many thanks. Wish we had had this in '95. It's at least a reality check. I remember last time - I kept thinking somehow it was going to get better. At least this time we're grounded in what's really happening right away and can make instant plans.