Comments by Maureen Anderson

Mountain lion sighted at Ocean and Bernal in Moss Beach

November 26, 2008
"Bobcats are a lot smaller than cougars; it would be more likely to confuse a dog for a lion." Two things: for people who aren't familiar with wildlife, a wild cat the size of a bobcat might be big (and surprising) enough for them to assume cougar. Also, there's the element of "tall fish tale". You know... someone sees something that looks like a large cat, and by the next morning it's turned into a man-eating tiger. "That hardly sounds like an emergency to me unless one is being actively stalked…

Mountain lion sighted at Ocean and Bernal in Moss Beach

November 18, 2008
I'm not a cougar expert by any stretch of the imagination, but from my limited understanding of their behavior my guess is a) transient adolescent and b) loss of habitat (human encroachment). You can deter them from your property with motion-sensitive lights and not feeding your pets outside (or taking the food in at night) and keeping your trash in your garage until garbage day. Keep your pets in at night. Keep small kids in at night, too (which should go without saying but you never know). But…

One-way traffic control on Devil’s Slide until noon Sunday

April 21, 2008
Is the Slide now closed completely at night? My husband was returning home from SFO at about midnight only to discover Route 1 was shut down past Linda Mar. He had to turn around and take 280 to 92. Not a great thing to have to do when you've been traveling for 14 hours. There's nothing (that I can see) about this on or the CalTrans site... Was there an accident, or are there specific hours when the Slide is completely inaccessible?

Letter: Noise abatement violations over Montara

October 03, 2007
How is it that the county can get away with following outdated safety standards? Are FAA standards merely optional, not mandatory?

Montara and Moss Beach homeowners with wells have no other options

September 04, 2007
Leonard Woren wrote: Under California Law, don’t the real estate agents and the seller have to disclose that no hookups to the public water system are available and therefore if the well fails, the property may be declared uninhabitable? Can anyone verify if this is the case?

Harbor Village is opening soon

August 31, 2007
From the article: "All the shops are mom-and-pops. There's no corporate stuff in the works, no Z Gallery or Pottery Barns," he said. In contrast with Half Moon Bay's Main Street, Harbor Village will limit the number of galleries it leases space to. Well... that's two things they've done right.

Opinion: SamTrans sneaks bus route onto Montara neighborhood streets

July 07, 2007
Carl May wrote: "How the heck was this route established, anyway? Was anyone with an awareness of the public transit needs of our communities involved?" As much as it pains me to reference the HMB Review, this article sheds some light on the matter: Once again: no planning involved. Why plan, when you can just toss some grant money around and watch the mess grow? Also, can anyone direct me to a concise, factual summary explaining why…

Opinion: SamTrans sneaks bus route onto Montara neighborhood streets

July 06, 2007
Hi Mark, Thanks for posting about this. Full Disclosure: I live on 6th Street. The idea of easy transit access appeals to me. It's also a partial solution for the disgraceful lack of school bus service on the Coastside. Even Fuller Disclosure: I am an advocate of public transit, and a BIG advocate of improving and integrating the Bay area's transit system. (Public transit seems to be a mysterious concept to most Californians I've met.) And yet, I was dismayed to see the bus signs go up on 6th Street.…