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Coastside beaches to be closed in budget deal

July 22, 2009
Michael shoots a lot of weddings on those beaches, and the bridal couple pays the state a fee to use the beaches for that purpose. If the beaches are "closed" (that won't stop people from using them, of course), does that mean that the state will no longer be offering the Small Beach Application permit (charging fees) for weddings to be performed there? Isn't that lost revenue for the state of California? The implications of this story reach far & wide. One of the reasons that people travel here…

Thanks Carlos, HMB UPS Store

July 17, 2009
Here Here! Carlos, Anna, Gabriel and their staff run a smooth UPS operation with courtesy & professionalism.

Grand Jury blames lack of oversight for MCTV’s poor quality programming

July 12, 2009
I wrote to Supervisor Gordon (who is planning on taking the seat that Ira Ruskin will be vacating), though am not sure about his priorities concerning this issue. I don't know much about these things (obviously), but can a station be voted off the air, and replaced with a new station in its place? Since Malach & Co. are monopolizing the programming, exclusive to outside input, how can they define themselves as "Public", and also qualify as a non-profit? Do they get more than just a tax write-off,…

Grand Jury blames lack of oversight for MCTV’s poor quality programming

July 10, 2009
The station definitely needs new blood, fresh ideas, and COMMUNITY input - not the stale re-runs which are currently offered. It would greatly benefit those who pay for sponsorship on the station, for sure. It is about time that the Grand Jury has made a decision on this. Now we just have to see where it goes from here. My email to Supervisor Gordon is on its way.

Sequoia offers possibility of care on Coastside; CFMC records still in limbo

July 03, 2009
Well, o.k., I wasn't looking at the price for it, just commented on the services. Their asking price & conditions are too high; folks are taxed to death as it is. Guess the story is just another dangling carrot - that this horse was ready to eat!

Sequoia offers possibility of care on Coastside; CFMC records still in limbo

July 02, 2009
I was part of the Sequoia Health Care system for 30 years when I lived in Redwood City, and it was excellent. This would be a great solution for everyone who lost their Coastside Family Medical Clinic coverage.

Pillar Ridge takes on Big Wave

April 14, 2009
We'll be updating the site with new information as we get it. Kevin, I will place your link in there today. This is an issue that directly affects Pillar Ridge residents, so it seemed appropriate to have our own forum. PR residents have faced tough issues before, & have resolved them. Extra KUDOS go to Lisa Ketcham, head of PR's Homeowner's Association, for getting the ball rolling. This includes research, compiling and putting together the data, then presenting it to me in such a way as to be placed…

Album: Help us build our Big Wave photo album

April 10, 2009
Wow. ugly.....and scary.

Blood drive at Coastside Family Medical Center, Friday

February 20, 2009
There was a good turnout today, better than I usually encounter, including a few first-timers. That van was FULL!

When Rich Gordon runs for Assembly, he won’t need your vote

January 23, 2009
Good for Rich! I wish him well. I met Ira Ruskin at a Democratic fund raiser as one of the "Friends of Hillary Clinton" in the mid 1990s, and he served us well (I lived in Redwood City at the time). I am sure that Rich Gordon will do the same, as he did for us here on the Coastside (Rich was one of those who spoke on our behalf to obtain Pillar Ridge Park as a non-profit).

Open space being used to grow marijuana in Santa Clara County

November 30, 2008
Hi Todd, I admire that you are doing what you think is right. What is "right" is a matter of opinion, however. Personal note: Several of my family members, including my dear brother who passed away at 47, suffered great pain from their cancers, and were only relieved of that pain through marijuana use. Their other pain killers wore off, or caused terrible side effects. Now, I personally do not smoke weed. Even in my young hippie days, I only toked it for social reasons, as our crowd didn't drink…

Open space being used to grow marijuana in Santa Clara County

November 27, 2008
I have no argument with you there. It's a really stupid law, when there are harmful substances available which are perfectly legal, while pot growers are imprisoned & fined.

Stealing America: Vote by Vote in HMB Saturday

September 28, 2008
My daughter and her partner worked with Dorothy Fadiman in the 1980s-90s, and can attest to her integrity as a documentary filmmaker. I have no doubt that her findings are authentic, and have long suspected that the 2000 presidential election alone was affected by corruption, especially considering the outcome.

Gay wedding business opens on the Coastside

July 18, 2008
Same-sex marriage is not comparable to "houses of ill repute" or "gambling casinos". If two people of marriagable age love each other, and wish to make the committment that marriage entails, why would anyone else care what they do with their lives? We applaud our state Supreme Court in finally making the decision to legalize same-sex weddings. Michael will be photographing one next month. It won't be his first, however. The first same-sex wedding that Michael ever photographed was my daughter's,…

Gay wedding business opens on the Coastside

July 17, 2008
Well, yuk and Meg Ryan aside, we at Michael A. Wong Wedding Photography wish we had thought of it first.

Gay wedding business opens on the Coastside

July 17, 2008
**Well, Meg Ryan and yuk aside, we at Michael A. [Wong Wedding Photography][2] wish we had thought of it first.

HMB Safeway isn’t as expensive as you think, but it’s no bargain

June 04, 2008
Last Friday we had a customer who was visiting friends here, who lives in Belgium. She said that our gas prices were lower than in Belgium, but that our food prices are outrageously high (she was talking about the HMB Safeway). If it isn't one thing, it's another.

Is MCTV worth saving? Part II: Follow the money

April 15, 2008
I spoke too soon! The MCTV website has been upgraded & re-vamped, and looks very good. There is also a more comprehensive schedule. Now if they could just allow non-MCTV additions to their program line-up, it would be great!

Is MCTV worth saving? Part II: Follow the money

April 12, 2008
They seem rather stagnant, though they have been running a few new programs in the past week or so (at least new to me), including an ad or program about Sonrisas Dental Clinic. Perhaps someone at the station is reading these posts? The MCTV website is abysmal, most of it "Under Construction". No program schedule listed. A quote from their History page notes: "Creativity is encouraged, and the content restraints placed on the producers are clearly explained in MCTV's guidelines." Does that just mean…

Opinion:  Understanding the history of the MCTV dispute

March 29, 2008
I would watch them! People love to know about the history of their town. It would be a boon especially for those who don't read books or access the internet. I have watched the programs on MCTV. I was interested in that show about the Ocean Shore Railroad on MCTV. Though the production values were dismal, (especially the horrible sound), I gleaned what I could from it, and was frustrated that there aren't more local shows that go into the history of this area. I watched one production on the Chamarita…

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