Comments by Lawrence Kaye

Has Sierra Club gone “soft” on coastal protection?

January 11, 2010
I couldn't agree more with the "gone soft" comment. At the SF Park and Rec meeting regarding the restoration of Sharp Park golf course in Pacifica, the Loma Prieta Chapter (not the Bay Chapter) bucked every other environmental organization there and publicly endorsed the "Ginzberg Plan" retaining the golf course by "armoring" the coast. It's time for Loma Prieta to clean up it's act.

Map: Mr. Big Wave’s Neighborhood

December 19, 2009
Some time ago I asked Peter Grenell to clarify who owns that land and he responded that the Harbor District’s jurisdiction extends only up to mean high water. I think the question of who owns it remains open. L. Kaye

Map: Mr. Big Wave’s Neighborhood

December 17, 2009
Question: Who owns the strip of land at Pillar Pt. marked on this map as "San Mateo County Harbor Dist." and the land below that to Maverick's beach? The Harbor District's jurisdiction ends at the "average tide line" so it doesn't extend up to the cliff below the Air Force Base. San Mateo County Parks is only the marsh. Does the Air Force own this land? I have always wondered why the Fitzgerald Reserve doesn't loop around and connect up to the marsh. Can anyone explain? Thanks!