Comments by Mike Watson

HMB Review waves its petard about, with predictable results

May 20, 2006
When I first moved to the coast and started my business, the Review did an article on people surviving the Dot-Com die off. I asked if they could include my address and/or phone number and was told no, it would not be fair to their advertisers. Since that issue there have been countless articles on local businesses that included phone numbers and addresses and read more like a large ad. Inaccuracies and the poorly written and often politically slanted articles have caused me to lose all interest…

Accident on Highway 1 in Moss Beach/Montara kills one, seriously injures another

July 21, 2005
There was a really bad accident in almost the exact same place just the day before. This is a dangerous area to be merging onto or off the highway. I took a couple of photos with my camera phone. Mike

Observe the Devil’s Slide murres live

July 03, 2005
Nice article, but it baffles me as to why they decided to use Real Player as the format for their video. There are many other, better video streaming fomats out there that do not require the user to install the clunky Real Player client.

Supervisors tweak principles, and send LCP changes back to subcommittee

June 07, 2005
If it were left up to SAMCAR the entire San Mateo Coast would look like Daly City. I do not think their REAL priority is "Cheap" Housing. I think their priority is MORE Housing, more the better as far as they are concerned

Coastal Commission protects agriculture, but sacrifices habitat, in monster house decision

June 08, 2005
Wait a sec. These houses are being suilt on property owned by the home builders. It is their property and they should be able to do what they want on their property. I am against over development but if someone owns land why shouldn't they be able to build a large house if they want to?

Cypress Cove board attacks park funding

June 08, 2005
Once again we have people telling property owners what they can with with the land they own. I have a neighbor who bought a house next to an empty buildable lot. He is now trying to get the neighbors to block a proposed house that is to be built on the lot. In my opinion the way to block this is to buy the property yourself. If you cannot afford it then put up with it or move.

Happy Tunnel Day!

June 06, 2005
Totally! What the heck was up with the Private Party? This tunnel is being built in our back yard! Dude