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Montara State Beach has “poor attendance” according to state

July 28, 2009
I'm interested as to how you record the number of visits to an unmanned State Park with no paid parking. 81,534 seems a very precise number. So Montara Beach looks like it will be on the chopping block after all. Kevin

Life rings have been placed at Montara State Beach

July 27, 2009
Thank you for this thoughtful act, I'm sure many people will make sure these potential lifesavers are kept intact.

New look Montara Beach website.

July 24, 2009
Cheri: According to the Save Our Shores website there will be a beach clean up at Montara Beach this Saturday 25th 10.00 -12.00. They say that Montara beach is in HMB so it's confusing. Who knows, I wrote them but have had no reply. As far as the seal issue goes it's a mystery there have been many strandings and early deaths, I think I read an article on the NOAA's site. I have reported 3 dead seals on Montara in the last month.

New look Montara Beach website.

July 23, 2009
Seems Save Our Shores has a clean up scheduled for Montara State Beach in 'Half Moon Bay' for this Saturday, confusing. I'm trying to get more info, probably a typo on their part.

New look Montara Beach website.

July 23, 2009
Thanks guys! Glad you like the new site. Barry: Yes, my design (within a template) and my photos, the software I use is called RapidWeaver it's for Mac only and is made by Realmac software. Cheri: Please check the Facebook alert again, the only one I have posted is for the California Coastal Clean up day on Saturday September 19th, let me know if I have got the info wrong. Thanks! Kevin

Coastside beaches to be closed in budget deal

July 22, 2009
Political Agendas aside, there are so many different impacts these closures with have, each (ex)Park will have its own unique set of issues. I'm interested to find out if the Governor and his team have really thought this through beyond the $ signs. For instance I see Año Nuevo State Park is on the list, what about the elephant seals? So the public will be locked out of the park? How? Imagine unsuspecting visitor wandering onto the beach during breeding season, bull elephant seals will charge kill…

Plastic garbage at Montara State Beach

July 09, 2009
Great! Matter closed.

Plastic garbage at Montara State Beach

July 09, 2009
Rick, I never have, nor would I ever, publicly accuse you of anything. You by posting here in this forum are making any personal differences we may have public. I'm sure no one has any interest in our private email exchanges, whatever the content (you have totally misquoted me and used my words completely out of context). I use the word agitated in my post because YOU USE CAPITAL LETTERS a lot in your correspondence to me, and repeat yourself over and over. I have addressed your concern in your posting,…

Plastic garbage at Montara State Beach

July 09, 2009
For the record The Montara Beach Coalition has never received any correspondence from a Kim Nelson, we did however receive a couple of emails from someone else who shares the same surname. And a couple of the same issues were raised and that person did seem to get very agitated. Reading between the lines here it seems that a couple of our stickers are causing all this hullabaloo, so to avoid any future upsets I have decided to stop giving out our 'Pack your Trash' stickers, they are after all made…

Jeff Clark to step down as Mavericks contest director

June 25, 2009
Good luck Jeff! Thanks for all your work.

Earth Day cleanup at Montara Beach, Sunday

April 15, 2009
Sorry for the confusion, Anneeliese you are correct. The Montara Clean up is on Sunday 19th, but the Popular beach clean up is on Saturday 18th along with the party. So everyone can attend both clean ups and go to the party!

Earth Day cleanup at Montara Beach, Sunday

April 15, 2009
I would just like to add that after the cleanup, everyone is invited to join us and the Pacifica Beach Coalition for an celebration at 12 noon at Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica. For more info, go to

What have we lost when there are no quiet places left? Saturday in HMB

April 15, 2009
Gordon should come take some readings in Montara on a sunny weekend, you can't think for aircraft noise and barking dogs some days.

Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......

September 22, 2008
I must admit on a sunny day the droning low flying aircraft noise (I counted 10 in as many minutes a few weeks ago) is REALLY irritating, we live in the middle of Montara, no where near the HMB airport. I thought the rule was a minimum of 500 ft over residential areas.

Letter: Name the tunnel after Tom Lantos?

January 07, 2008
What's wrong with just calling it the Devil's Slide Tunnel? Kevin

Letter: Birds caught in oil spill have been found on Coastside, volunteers needed

November 12, 2007
All I'm getting is number disconnected. Is there another number? Kevin

Letter: Solving the traffic problems with Kelly Avenue at Cunha Intermediate

October 16, 2007
The same horrible accident is just waiting to happen at Farallon View School in Montara. Parents dropping off their children to the school seem not to care about anyone else's safety on the road or sidewalk (most of Montara has no sidewalk), they break the speed limit and run stop signs, just because they are running late. Many children walk the roads to get to school and have to run the gauntlet of speeding cars passing them with only inches to spare. I must emphasize that I do mean a small group…

Video:  Design Review Committee rejects two houses on Birch Street in Montara

April 23, 2007
Welcome to Montara Joel, The fight against Menasco's planned development below Farallone View is far from over, in fact it's just beginning. If we as a community do not band together to keep on top of these guys we will end up with a town that looks like something from the valley, a sprawling badly planned ugly mess. I hope you will join your neighbors in the fight. Kevin

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 19, 2007
Like you Mr McCall I love to have a copy of the 'Huntsville Times' delivered along with my copy of the 'New York Times' and the 'Economist' it gives me a balanced view of Everything Alabama. Kevin

Video:  Design Review Committee rejects two houses on Birch Street in Montara

April 18, 2007
I hope Mr. Menasco finally gets the message. The residents of Montara are wise to his ways as clearly demonstrated by yet another huge turn out to voice opposition to his ludicrous building proposals.

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