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Landslide cuts communication to the Coastside

April 25, 2006
Iridium Satellite Phones are cheap, a little over a $1000 will buy you a base model phone. Maybe each community along the coast should club together and buy one (one in Montara, El Granada, Moss Beach etc), a few dollars a household would do it. This phone should then be entrusted to a community member whom is made known to everyone in that community and shared between all the other communities, worst case would be having to hike a couple of blocks to get to it or if needed on behalf of a less mobile…

Photos:  Mr. Lantos goes to Montara

April 19, 2006
Maybe Mr Lantos should have travelled in the commute traffic to really get a sense of how the slide closure is effecting our community.

Letter: Peak Oil is here. What does this mean for the Coastside?

January 07, 2006
Bush has said that 'Global warming is just hot air', go figure. Anyway check this link out:

Letter: Peak Oil is here. What does this mean for the Coastside?

January 06, 2006
The oil situation is a global problem. Humanity needs to fully embrace alternative fuel sources now. Pollution and the annihilation of our precious natural resources have left us with no other choice. Global warming, the ozone layer, acid rain these are all linked back to oil and how man uses it. Don't ask Bush for help though because none of these problems exist in his mind.

Album: Who said what at the Board of Supervisors’ LCP hearing

December 12, 2005
Wonderful shots Darin, and thanks for posting them Barry. It's so important to turn up for these meetings and make your voice heard, I wish the Board of Supervisors would schedule them at a time when working folk could attend. Thanks to everyone who turned out. Let's hope the Supervisors unplug their ears and listen to the people and the Coastal Commissions recommendations on the LCP revisions.

Midcoast residents ask supervisors to reconsider LCP revisions

December 12, 2005
If I can't attend I always email and fax my opinions, and in the letter always request that your views be written into the records of that meeting because you where unable to attend. I suppose there is a way to check if this happens, but I don't know how. I'm sure these meetings are scheduled to minimize public attendance, we only get in the way you know...

Montara is getting new stops signs and speed humps

September 20, 2005
David & Lisa Gilmour were instrumental in this one. The 'Kill Your Speed' action group in Montara will be launching very soon, with a poster campiagn and website, stay tuned.

Life’s a Beach, SO CLEAN IT UP!

September 19, 2005
Thanks to everyone who turned out to help on Saturday! –Kevin and Wendy (Montara Beach Coalition)–

Please step away from the car

July 20, 2005
I agree Jack, Montara Mountain is an incredibly beautiful place. The views are breathtaking (literally, it's quite a hike to the +1000ft peak). On a good day you can see from Mavericks to the Golden Gate Bridge. As you walk this beautiful coastline, please take a plastic bag with you to pick up any trash you find, every little helps. If every hiker did this we would have an almost litter-free environment. You would not believe what trash people ignorantly drop along our coast. Go check out the beach/parking…

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

July 21, 2005
Twinsdad: I was not aware that it was reported until two days after the event. Then of course that is way too late. She should have called the Sheriff immediately, maybe then something could have been done.

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

July 18, 2005
Barbara had every right to take a photograph, no matter what the circumstances. She was harming no one and just wanted to document what she believes is a violation of the land, this is her right. If this worker took her camera he should be punished to the full extent of the law. Whatever next? I would like to hear the Sheriffs official take on this. I thought there was a law against stealing someone elses property?

Album: Coastside Fireworks at Princeton Harbor

July 08, 2005
Nice shot Cheri! I wonder how many of the folks that turned up to watch the fireworks will turn up at the SURFRIDER BEACH CLEANUP - The Jetty in Half Moon Bay - Sat July 9. 10-12.00. to clean up the disgusting amount of litter left behind by some folk?

Firefighters, lifeguards, Coast Guard and others all played a hand in saving surfers

June 15, 2005
I would like to add my admiration and thanks to the guys who selfishly lay their own lives on the line to rescue those who get into trouble in the water. You guys rock.

Firefighters, lifeguards, Coast Guard and others all played a hand in saving surfers

June 15, 2005
When will people learn, Grey Whale and Montara are heavy and sometimes dangerous surf spots. So many guys come down from the city and paddle out when us locals would not think of it. Let's not forget the bodysurfer who sadly lost his life not so long ago at Montara in heavy storm surf. I hope no one else pays the ultimate price for a foolish paddle out on a day when they should stay on dry land. Let's be careful out there.

Have you seen “Coastal Clash” yet?

May 12, 2005
I was there with my wife and two friends from Pacifica (who have seen it three times!). This excellent film is an eye opener, and clearly illustrates the arrogance and 'money above all else' attitude of some developers and landowners along with the tireless passion and drive of the people who strive to protect the coast. It has inspired us to pay even closer attention to our local coastline to prevent the outrageous 'homes on the beach' set up in some places in Southern California. Coastsiders pay…

Spring brings Sweet Peas back to Montara

April 20, 2005
We live in the fruit and vegatable garden of America, why buy imported produce from a supermarket? My wife and I buy a lot of our produce from Sweetpeas, it's local and we love it!!!

County to decide if extensive Montara/Moss Beach property will be open space or houses

April 19, 2005
Kim, I agree with you on all your comments. But like I said, do the math, this slot of land would support at a minimum 200 houses (you know the realtors and developers are going to push for maximum numbers of new builds which could be much higher) this would mean even if each house has an average of two people (again, a higher figure is probably more likely) and that means the same amount of vehicles. How many house-holds in Montara, or anywhere in the Bay Area have no vechiles at all, come on! So…

County to decide if extensive Montara/Moss Beach property will be open space or houses

April 05, 2005
You bring up some very good points Paul. I feel confident this land will remain as it was intended to be used, open space for Montarans. But we need to be vigilant and make our community voice heard to the 'Supervisors' who seem to have taken it upon themselves to decide the fate of this land. I have heard 'rumors' of 200-400 houses being built on this land, imagine that, that's 800-1000 additions to the 2000 exisiting Montara population and the same addition in vechicles. You do the math, that's…

County to decide if extensive Montara/Moss Beach property will be open space or houses

March 30, 2005
My wife and I attended the LCP Update meeting this morning in Redwood City. There was a large turn out on both sides, over 80 people registered to speak. I had to leave at Midday but I believe the session lasted well into the afternoon. There was a very large local Montara turn out in support of the move to re zone the Caltrans land back to open space. We even had some construction and realtor support! A lot of attention was focused on the 1% issue, many points of view were heard across the board.…

County to decide if extensive Montara/Moss Beach property will be open space or houses

March 25, 2005
This is an extremely important issue, if you live in Montara I urge you to make your voice heard. More houses? Or protect the land untouched for our future generations to enjoy? We need more housing, that's a fact. But if we continue to chip away at our open space, there will no more open space left one day. Our community here in Montara is unique, it's small size is part of it's charm. If we build and build we will just become part of the urban sprawl. Take a look at Daly City, that's what happens…

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